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Vault Festival 2019

VAULT Festival 2019 | An Underground Artistic Bonanza

Vault Festival.

Sounds like a pretty safe bet.

And given the kind of numbers they’re dropping after seven years in the game, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ll find something exactly right for you in there. Here are the jaw-loosening stats: they’ve lined up over 400 shows, from 2,000 artists, across 20 venues, in 8 action-packed weeks, with exactly 1 robot chef.

It all takes place in Waterloo’s underground tunnels, where it gives a (frequently literal) platform to some of the best up-and-comers from the worlds of art, theatre, comedy, live music, immersive entertainment, and more. You know, culture. Here are just some of the many, many shows & experiences on offer:

Vault 2019

  • Counting Sheep – this is their centrepiece, multi-award-winning show. Described as an “immerse guerrilla folk opera” depicting a love story set during the Ukrainian revolution, you can play a singing, dancing, marching, interacting protestor. And get a light meal thrown in too.
  • Sexy Lamp – in which actress Katie Arnstein combines comedy, original songs and storytelling to describe how she trained for years at drama school so she could audition for ground-breaking roles including “dead girlfriend” and “restaurant slut”.
  • Caberet Sauvignon & Single Vault Whisky – award-winning duo Stiff & Kitch will go through some of London’s best musical comedy acts, assisted by alcohol.
  • Fight Night – an audience-interactive boxing match (not like that, calm down) in which you get to decide the fate of the two fighters duking it out.
  • The Silent Disco Show – like many silent discos in which you get a glowing pair of headphones armed with three DJ channels. Only this one has cabaret, sing-alongs, circus & dance acts, too.
  • The Milkman Cometh – a futuristic horror-comedy with a live metal band. “Come if you dairy”.
  • The South London Soul Train – a three-room subterranean dance-off, with four hours of deeply funky music put out by live bands and DJs including the Scratch Perverts.
  • Robot Chef – enter an augmented reality controlled world in which you, the audience, control a robot chef.

Vault 2019

Of course there will be old-fashioned human chefs there too, thanks to the local food smiths behind PopCo, who were recently responsible for the fusion-y masterpiece that is the ‘Thairito’ (that’s a Thai-style burrito, in case it wasn’t obvious). No word on whether that specific dish will be on hand, but there will definitely be a whole new beer bar from Meantime to add to the half dozen alco-joints already in there.

NOTE: VAULT Festival takes place from January 23 to March 17 in venues across Waterloo. You can find out more, see the full line-up, and get tickets at their website right HERE.

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VAULT Festival 2019 | The Vaults, Leake St, SE1 7NN

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Vault Festival 2019

The Vaults, Leake Street, Waterloo, South London, SE1 7NN

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