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Hattie Lloyd 05/09/23

Velvet Pines

Velvet Pines.

It simultaneously sounds like a really comfortable and uncomfortable place to visit.

But the staff at this fictional ski resort are going to do all they can to ensure you have a pleasant stay at their raucous immersive dinner party taking place over the festive period.

To answer two questions that will immediately spring to mind:

1) Yes, we’re already talking about the festive period. But it’s very much justified in this case, because tickets will likely start selling out very quickly when everyone hears that it’s the next show from Swamp Motel. And,

2) If you haven’t heard of them, they’re the creative minds behind the insanely cool escape room thriller The Drop (which saw audience members bursting out of locked elevators and doing cool briefcase swaps on the streets of London); and Saint Jude, the dystopian experience fuelled almost entirely by AI.

Victoria Greensmith Photography

For their next trick, they’re taking over an old Victorian tannery in London Bridge and transforming it into a remote, retro hotel that’s been cut off by a snowstorm. And unlike other remote, retro hotels cut off by snowstorms, this one won’t have creepy twins or a janitor who becomes an axe murderer: instead, you’ll be treated to a wonderfully convivial evening of exceptional food, kitsch cocktails, and some wild entertainment in the form of live music and table-side cabaret.

Victoria Greensmith Photography

Over the course of three and a half hours, you can expect to be lavished with dishes from MasterChef finalist Omar Foster that rip a page directly out of the ‘outrageous 70s party host’ cookbook. We’re talking roasted Jerusalem artichokes with whipped feta and crispy prosciutto shards; confit duck or roasted jackfruit and green lentils in a red wine miso sauce with wild mushrooms, carrot & orange puree and carrot & parsnip crispy skins; annnd a showstopper bombe alaska to finish.

Oh, and there’s talk of some kind of yeti stalking the grounds of the hotel.

But you probably don’t need to worry about that.


NOTE: Velvet Pines runs from 8th November – 23rd December 2023 in London Bridge. Tickets start at £149.95, and can be purchased HERE.

ALSO NOTE: Please note, the Nudge Member preview night has now sold out. We are currently working with Velvet Pines on a secondary Nudge Member perk. Please email [email protected] if you would be interested in this. 

Velvet Pines | 49 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PL

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Velvet Pines

49 Tanner Street, London Bridge, SE1 3PL
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