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Wild Life Drawing at Carousel

Wild Life Drawing at Carousel | Spend your Sunday sketching a wolf

Wildlife drawing.

It can turn into a bit of a zoo if you’re not careful.

And, if you’re interested in drawing a real, live animal as it sits before you, Carousel (a cracking Charlotte Street restaurant, famed for its residencies) will be hosting this wild event next month – on Sunday March 12th to be exact.

The animal? A wolf.

Now we know what you’re thinking… ‘What kind of wolf is it? Will it be an Arctic wolf, an Eastern wolf or an Eurasian wolf?’ ‘Will this happen during the day or at night? They are crepuscular animals, after all’. All valid questions, and to answer the first one; they’re not actually real wolves. They’re a family of British Lupine – a type of canine that looks exactly like a wolf, does wolf-like things (howling at the moon), but won’t try and bite your head off. It’s therefore all going to be very safe. 

wildlife drawing wolves

The class itself has been arranged by Wild Life Drawing – an organisation that hosts animal (and marine-life) art sessions all around London; at farms, at nature reserves and even the London aquarium. Besides art, their other main concern is animal welfare, with many of the animals rescued from not-so-nice situations and abandonment, and a percentage (from 10-50%) of the funds raised from classes go to a charity that looks after whichever species you’re drawing. You can read more about what they do here.

Wild Life Drawing’s next venue will be Carousel – a restaurant more known for its chef guests (like Amy Poon, who’s currently there running Poon’s Wontoneria) than its animal ones – and it’s being taken by artist (and mega wildlife fan) Laura Cuppage, who’ll guide you through drawing your furry model correctly, while Natalie Langstrom, a ‘canine behaviour expert’, will give you a bit of insight on their ways and how they live. So alongside a beautiful piece of art, you’ll also leave with some very handy British Lupine facts…

Although, yeah, you can imagine your Lupine is going to get a bit fidgety at times, that’s normal (patience is a virtue) and the dogs/wolves are super friendly and also very well-trained. Once the session’s finished, you’re then encouraged to move onto some well-deserved wine and lunch at the restaurant.

Which you’ll no doubt want to wolf down…


NOTE: Wild Life Drawing is happening at Carousel on March 12th. There are two classes, one from 11am-1pm and another from 2-4pm, with a ticket costing £35. You can book those here.

Carousel | 23 Charlotte St, W1T 1RL

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Wild Life Drawing at Carousel

Carousel, 23 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, W1T 1RL
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