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Hattie Lloyd 28/06/24

Burmese Cooking Heads South of the Thames

Lahpet is about to bring Burma to Bermondsey.

Because Dan Anton & Zaw Mahesh, the dynamic duo behind London’s beloved Burmese restaurants, are finally heading south of the river with a third opening: Lahpet Larder. And Nudge Members are getting a chance to raid the Larder before anyone else, with three days of exclusive previews from 17th – 19th July – and a sweet 50% off the food bill.

lahpet larder Bermondsey

If you’ve not been to Lahpet Shoreditch or Lahpet West End, allow us to fill you in: the pair started out running a supper club, with the intention of celebrating their Burmese heritage and sharing recipes that were hard to find here in London. That snowballed into two bricks-and-mortar restaurants, and they remain the best-known spots in London to experience Myanmar’s unique, warmly comforting cuisine.

They’ll be opening Lahpet Larder on Bermondsey Street this July, decking the place out with their now trademark touches of pink, bronze and transportive tropical details like bamboo lining the walls. There’ll be room for 90 diners, giving the place a relatively intimate feel, with counter-seating lining the bar, an open kitchen at its heart, and a private dining room with space for 24 tucked away at the back.

lahpet larder Bermondsey

The menu will feature a couple of Burmese classics alongside more regional specialities like Dawei Mohinga (a south-eastern twist on the country’s national dish of fish & noodle soup) and a salmon & papaya salad hailing from the western coast. And if it all leaves you feeling inspired, you’ll be able to pick up some of the harder-to-find ingredients at the front of the restaurant, where they’ll be lining shelves with Burmese products like the eponymous ‘lahpet’ (that’s pickled tea leaves), to special spices and oils.

And of course, those ingredients will also be making their way into some pretty intriguing cocktails, including a lime leaf & lemongrass spritz; a tamarind & jaggery sour; and a pickled tea oil martini.

Which will probably leave you feeling a little pickled, too.


NOTE: Lahpet Larder is set to open on 20th July. You can keep an eye on their progress on the Lahpet website here.

PERK: Nudge Members are getting in for three exclusive preview days (dinner on 17th & 18th, lunch & dinner on 19th July) before the restaurant opens to the public. Check the Members’ box above for details. Not a Nudge Member yet? Sign up for a free 7 day trial.

Lahpet Larder | 39-45 Bermondsey Street, London, SE1 3XF

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Lahpet Larder

39-45 Bermondsey Street, Bermondsey, SE1 3XF