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PLEASE NOTE: The Torstig pop-up has now closed.

For a great deal of people, the phrase ‘alcohol free’ is the wrong way around.

But when it comes to Dry January and its benefits for your health, wallet, and decision-making, it’s actually exactly as it should be. Particularly when you find out that Torstig – Brighton’s famed zero alcohol bar, which is popping up in Hoxton for two weeks for Dry January – is giving Nudge Members (+1) 40% off their drinks from 6pm-9pm for the entire duration of the pop-up (from 5th-20th January).

You’ll find it in Hoxton, right next to The Museum of the Home, where it announces itself with a striking light box at the endurance. Inside, it occupies a quirkily cosy space wearing muted green & purple colours, with cork-clad walls, and geometrically whimsical tabletops.

The whole concept was launched by a husband & wife duo who were inspired by Copenhagen’s thriving low & no drinks scene – Torstig actually means ‘thirsty’ in Danish – and it’s been in Brighton for over a year now, enjoying a healthy amount of success (pun intended), largely thanks to the meticulous research they do intruding to recreate classic cocktails.

Thus, on the menu here you’ll find point-perfect replicas of all the shaker staples, including their Tumbol (their Negroni) which uses a hibiscus-based alcohol-free spirit in place os Campari, as well as some herbal & botanical zero-proof Danish gin. Then there’s the Orso (their Old Fashioned) which uses a blend of AF spirits to evoke the caramel notes of the drinks, with a smoky finish. And there are loads more, ranging from their Agerup (Margarita); to the Lokken (Clover Club); Logstor (Dark and Stormy); Humlum (Pornstar Martini); Strandby (Espresso Martini); and Ringkobing (Amaretti Sour). And if that weren’t enough, there are a bunch of alco-free craft beers both in the fridge and on tap.

And the best bit? All the cocktails are only £7-£9. Which may not be free…

…but it won’t give your wallet a hangover.


NOTE: Torstig is open from 5th-20th January in Hoxton. You can find out more, and make a booking at the website here. Nudge Members (+1) are getting 40% off their drinks from 6pm-9pm for the entire duration of the pop-up. To find out how to book, check the Members’ Box at the top of this page.

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Torstig | 93 Kingsland Rd, London E2 8AE

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93 Kingsland Rd, Hoxton, East London, E2 8AE