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The Notting Hill Guide

Notting Hill.

Bustling, vibrant, romantic – we’re so enamoured with the area, we were going to make a whole film about it. However after a record-breaking 18 year shoot, it turns out we’ve (somehow) been beaten to it. So we’ve just written an ode in the form of a neighbourhood guide instead.

…We reckon it’s still worth a BAFTA.

Main image credit: Fred Bigio

Notting Hill

The Best Notting Hill Restaurants

Other neighbourhoods have got Notting on these restaurants....

Notting Hill

The Best Bars in Notting Hill

The greatest bars in West London. Bar none. (Except the ones that aren’t so great)....

London Neighbourhood Guide

Best Date Ideas in Notting Hill

If it worked for Hugh Grant…...

London Neighbourhood Guide

Notting Hill 24 Hour Guide

We can think of worse places to spend 24 hours. But we decided only to put the good ones anyway....