Buns From Home

During lockdown basically everyone became a home baker — some taking it more seriously than others.

Case in point: Buns from Home.

As with all the best baked things, this baby was born in a mother’s kitchen, when local pastry chef Barney Goff – with the help of his brother Gabriel – used his pandemic hours to bake and supply made-from-scratch buns, at first door-to-door to neighbours around the block and then shortly after, further afield to what probably felt like the whole of West London.

With business booming and shouts for an actual store getting louder by the day, a successful crowdfunding campaign was set up and the duo soon opened a bricks-and-mortar spot just off Portobello Road – the first of now four (and counting) around the city.

There’s no top secret formula to the Goff’s family recipe, just lots of tender loving care (and French butter, sourced from Burgundy). They use a croissant-like dough, to create that soft layered effect, which is then hand rolled and laminated into pillowy perfection.

buns from home

They come in one hefty size, with the original cinnamon bun being the prized asset. It’s as sticky-sweet as it should be, vegan and criss-crossed with their own icing. Cardamom and double-baked pistachio are other signatures with permanent residence on the menu, while the team are also big believers in experimentation, putting out dessert specials each weekend packed with frankly outrageous fillings like dulce de leche, mince pie, banoffee and even entire ice creams, feat. cone. ‘If it tastes good, it’s going in a bun’ being the mantra.

On that note: there’s also spinach, garlic bread, croque monsieur and homemade focaccia, if you lean savoury over sweet.

And if these big decisions cause headaches, you may as well just get a mixed box of six, or 12…

…plus one to go: what we like to call the ol’ baker’s dozen.


NOTE: Buns from Home is open from Monday-Sunday, 8am-6pm (except on Saturday when they stay open ‘til 7pm). You can check out more details on their website here, and drool over their Insta pics here.

Buns from Home | 128 Talbot Road, W11 1JA

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Carpe Diem!

Buns From Home

128 Talbot Road, Notting Hill, W11 1JA
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