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Watch Free, Livestreamed Baking Classes From Bread Ahead

Bread Ahead | Free, Live-Streamed Baking Classes

Yes, we’re all housebound.

So finding a new and creative way to stay busy, learn a new skill, get in a little light entertainment, and feed yourself all simultaneously seems like quite a big ask.

But Bread Ahead have risen to the challenge.

The loaf-loving pastry pros are live-streaming baking classes every day at 2pm, with a different class every day over the next two weeks. You’ll find it all on their Insta page, and even if you miss a session, it’ll remain online for 24hrs for you to catch up.

Like a veritable bouquet of flours, Here’s the full lineup:

Weds 18thDoughnuts
Thur 19thFocaccia Making
Fri 20thCinnamon Buns
Sat 21stPain De Campagne
Sun 22ndMothers Day Cakes & Muffins
Mon 23rdGrissini- Breadsticks
Tue 24th Chocolate Brownie
Wed 25thCarrot Cake
Thu 26thItalian- Ciabatta & Amaretti
Fri 27thEaster Brioche
Sat 28thBagel & Pretzel
Sun 29thHot Cross Buns
Mon 30thBread Pudding
Tue 31stScones & Shortbread

It’s all going to be run by Matthew – the founder of the whole company – and Manuel, the French bakery school tutor who has spent the last three decades working for baking luminaries like St. John. They promise that you’ll only need “a few basic ingredients”, which they don’t list…

…but we can think of at yeast one.


NOTE: To check out Bread Ahead’s baking class, head on over to their Insta page at 2pm (or simply catch up later) right HERE.

Like doughnuts? Here are a few to fantasise about.

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