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Jason Allen 03/04/20

Gabriel Waterhouse’s Chestnut & Balsamic Risotto

Chestnut & Balsamic Risotto | A recipe by Gabriel Waterhouse

We’re not going to sugar coat this.

Because it’s a risotto recipe, and that would make no sense.

But the fact is that, despite the immense amount of practice you’re likely to get over the next weeks, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to reach the same giddy heights of culinary perfection as Gabriel Waterhouse has. After all, his place, The Water House Project, is one of the best new restaurant in London, and we’d highly recommend visiting when the dust settles.

But at the very least, you can cook up one of his spectacular dishes at home. He’s chosen to share his recipe for chestnut & balsamic risotto with toasted hazelnuts and brown butter. For Gabriel, it’s a dish that “sits in the category of ‘elegant comfort food’, which is something we could all do with a little bit of right now”.

It’s got simple ingredients that – hopefully – won’t require much trouble sourcing, and in his words, “The balsamic balances the sweetness and rounded flavour of the chestnuts, giving the dish some much needed acidity. The toasted hazelnuts give a lovely crunch and the thyme gives some freshness. It’s a simple recipe but the flavours really work.”

Serves 6