Staying In

Jason Allen 01/04/20

Jimmy Carr is Hosting an Online Quiz Night

Jimmy Carr’s Little Tiny Quiz Of The Lockdown | Daily trivia, for free

Jimmy Carr’s got a lot to answer for.

Because he’s hosting a quiz.

It’s only little – some may even say tiny – and it’s designed specifically for everyone in lockdown (which means, well, everyone), so he’s elected to call it “The Little Tiny Quiz Of The Lockdown”. To fuel it all, he’s thankfully been “stockpiling quiz questions for some years now”, presumably in anticipation of a global catastrophe that forces people to crave vaguely social, comedic online trivia. Good call, Jimmy.

It’s being held daily on YouTube. Just tune in at 6pm for the questions, and 8pm for the answers. There are 10 questions each day, and you can score yourself, because it’s YouTube, so it’s kind of a one-way street. Although Jimmy urges you to try not to cheat, as there are no prizes and it would be pointless, “unless you’re playing against family members, because any reason for resentment is valid”.

The first five questions are all general knowledge (“What are the six weapons used in the original game of Cluedo?”), and the next five are the ‘fun’ questions, with include the likes of cryptic emoji picture rounds, and a ‘rhyming places’ round where you need to match up two spots marked on a map that rhyme. It’s all completely do-able, but there’s the occasional challenging & satisfying question thrown in to keep things sharp.

No word on how long he intends to continue, but it’ll certainly be fun while it lasts. And you can heckle him relentlessly without the fear of reprisal.


NOTE: Jimmy Carr’s Little Tiny Quiz Of The Lockdown is available for free, every day at 6pm on his YouTube channel. Previous quizzes are kept online for you to peruse, and you can check them all out HERE.