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Hattie Lloyd 27/03/20

Build A Crazy Golf Course, At Home

Plonk’s Lockdown Challenge | Crazy Golf At Home

If you’ve been itching to play some crazy golf recently…

…just plonk yourself on the sofa.

Because crazy golf specialists Plonk are helping you to build your very own minigolf course at home.

Founded by a pair of film set designers, they’ve got several colourful sites across London, from mini courses in pub back gardens to fully fledged 9-holers in dedicated venues. And if this pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that 1) people like recording virus-themed covers of classic pop songs, and 2) when the going gets tough, London’s restaurants, bars and entertainment spots come up with some seriously innovative ways to keep going. So they’ll be sharing their set-building finesse with a series of weekly online challenges that’ll enable you to cobble together your own pitch-n-putt in the comfort of your home.

How it works

You’ll sign up to the challenge by becoming a Plonk Member for £5 (with 50% of all profits going towards the Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund). The Plonk team will then send you weekly packs of course-building inspiration, from design blueprints and how-to videos to livestream building lessons, printable score cards and lists of useful materials.

Plonk at home crazy golf

They’re all inspired by the way they designed their real-life courses, only you’ll be able to put these together, Blue Peter stylee, with everyday household items like old Fairy liquid bottles, egg boxes and toilet rolls (the last of which you may have to source on the black market).

What you get

Once you’ve built your course, not only can you have a bloody great time playing it, you’ll also have the chance to win prizes by sharing clips of it on social media using the hashtag #PlonkAtHome. Up for grabs are Plonk trophies, medals and merchandise; minigolf clubs and ball sets to play with at home; and tickets to their courses when they reopen. And the top prize? The most impressive, ingenious course design will be immortalised in real life at their Camden Market venue in the summer.

Putt that in your pipe and film it.


NOTE: You can find out more about Plonk At Home, and sign up to the challenge, right HERE.

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