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Talisa Dean 25/03/20

The Big Bakes Online Tutorials And Competitions

Fancy yourself the next Bake Off star?

Well now’s your chance to proof it…

Because the folks behind The Big Bakes – who day-to-day host live baking competitions for groups of colleagues, family, and friends – have announced a new series of online tutorials, each with the chance of winning a big ol’ prize at the end.

The plan is for there to be three new tutorials a week, all hosted by professional patisserie chefs in their Bake Off-style marquee. The ingredients however will be simple, everyday stuff and only basic baking equipment will be required.

Credit: Jennifer Pallian

All you need to do to take part is to visit either their Facebook or Instagram page using the handle @Thebig_bakes. Here you’ll find all of the necessary ingredients, as well as the exact date and time for the next session. Sign back in then and bake along, not forgetting to upload a picture of your creation once complete. After every session The Big Bakes team will pick a winner, bagging them a handful of vouchers to attend a real-life bake-off later this year.

Piece of cake.


NOTE: The Big Bakes Tutorials will host three weekly baking tutorials on both their Facebook and Instagram. For more information, or in case you’re interested in also booking a live baking session later this year, visit their website here.

Header image credit: Brooke Larke