Staying In

Talisa Dean 18/03/20

The Sofa Singers

The Sofa Singers | Join a choir. From Your Couch. 

So London is on lock-down, meaning we’re all on the hunt for some alto experiences.

Like The Sofa Singers, an online choir that you can join direct from your couch.

Now we know what you’re thinking: What an amazing idea. How long’s that been running for? So it might surprise you to know that The Sofa Singers has actually only just launched. It’s been set up by UK-born James Sill in response to Covid-19 and the potential for global self-isolation. James is a musician and ‘vocal leader’ by trade, so he’s always had a passion for music, a passion which he’s now using to bring people together and raise spirits at this obviously challenging time.

Each choir rehearsal is 45 minutes, during which James will teach everyone in attendance a new classic song. For anyone with the pipes there will also be harmony parts available. Or – should your pipes prove a little rusty – backing parts too.

All you need to do to join in is to download and set yourself up an account on Zoom (here). It’s basically like Skype and allows you to take part in video conference calls which is how The Sofa Singers works. If you’re wanting to join via your phone or an Ipad you’re going to want to download the Zoom app, all of which is totally free. Next you want to click on the specific access link here. This will add you into the specific video call where you’ll be able to see and hear James, as well as seeing all of the other singers. Due to delay issues you sadly (or arguably not that sadly) won’t be able to hear the  rest of the choir. However you will be able to see all of their enthusiastic faces as they – like you – ooh and ahh along. There’s even a post rehearsal tea break where people can swap photos or videos, as well as just general good cheer.

We want to tell you not to miss it, but no doubt by this point…

…we’d  just be preaching to the choir.


NOTE: The Sofa Singers takes places online via Zoom. It’s totally free to download and join in. The next session is on Friday 3rd of April at 11am GMT. Head HERE to register.