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Talisa Dean 31/03/20

Turns Out The Southbank Centre Has A Podcast. And It’s Brilliant.

We’ve been casting our podcast net far and wide recently – stocking up on stuff to keep our minds fresh and our brains strong.

Which is how we stumbled across The Southbank Centre’s podcast. Or, in other words, a treasure trove of recorded past events that have been immortalised online for all to enjoy. Every episode is different, be it the guest or the host. You’ll hear from actors, musicians, poets, playwrights, comedians, politicians, and more. In fact, the only real thing they have in common is their minds – big, beautiful things full of intellect and/or inspiration, and definitely worth your time. For instance:

Actress, writer, and producer Phoebe Waller-Bridge talking to comedian and podcast host Deborah Fancis White about all things Fleabag: sex; loneliness; family relationships; how the whole show stemmed from a ten minute monologue written solely for a friend; and how one drunk woman’s feedback helped catapult it to where it is today.

Or documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux, interviewed by close friend and comedian Adam Buxton about his book ‘Gotta Get Theroux This’. Together they discuss the value of puns; Theroux’s distinctive interviewing techniques; his most notable works; his favourite subjects; silence; and tattoos.

Comedian, actor and writer Sir Lenny Henry can be found talking to also comedian Romesh Ranganathan about his memoir ‘Who Am I Again?’. They talk about his mother’s experience as an immigrant in England; the lack of diversity on screen; family meals; ‘Saturday soup’; and Sunday school.

And finally  musician and mental health campaigner Jordan Stephens who’s interview is interlaced with snippets from a talk with writer Matt Haig. Both men discuss mental health; toxic masculinity; social media; and why it’s so difficult to remain happy in our comparative society.

Explore the whole selection HERE.


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