Your Soho Guide | The Best Places To Eat, Drink, And Play In Soho
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The Soho Guide

The Soho Guide | The Nudge London Neighbourhood Guides


Land of prostitutes, reprobates, dropouts…

…and they’re just the ones running the restaurants.

So you’d better step up, be all you can be, take a deep breath and learn all there is to know about the very best of – what was once, at least – London’s seediest, dirtiest neighbourhood…

Photo credit: Stig Nygaard


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The Best Bars in Soho

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Soho 24 Hour Guide

Home to everything from medieval leper hospices to a roaring sex trade in the 1960s, Soho is a patch of London with a chequered past. Luckily, that chequered past has also given rise to an explosive, multi-genre music scene...


Best Date Ideas in Soho

We’ve taken the liberty of collating the very best spots and ideas for dates in Soho…and not one of them involves a peep show....