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The Best Pubs in Angel

The Islington Guide

Your guide to the best of Islington. From bars, to restaurants, to which of those bars and restaurants make the best date spots.


The Best Islington & Angel Restaurants

Islington is known for its excellent eating and drinking scene. In case you didn’t guess from the title, this guide is all about the former of those two things…...

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The Best Bars in Islington

Islington. Land of Angel. Singular. A fact that is explained by the prevalence of excellent booze-slingers peppering the entire neighbourhood, the very best of which we’ve rounded up for you right here…...

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Best Islington Date Ideas

Islington has the most single people of any borough in the entire of London. Well, we’re here to help with that…...

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24 Hours in Islington

If you have 24 hours left to live and you have to stay in Islington, then we’re sorry, and very curious as to how that came about. But here’s what you should do…...