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The Best Hotels in Berlin

The Best Hotels in Berlin

We’ve rounded up the 25 very best hotels Berlin has to offer, and broken them up by price point: 10 cheap hotels, 10 reasonably priced hotels, and 5 insanely expensive hotels…

…so you won’t be longing for a reunification with your own bed.


70€ and below for the cheapest room

Pension Funk | Charlottenburg

Once the home of silent movie star Asta Nielsen, the name of this joint is no linguistic coincidence; it’s built in the gorgeous art nouveau style your grandparents grew up with. Originally built in 1895, the place retains many of its original features, and they don’t charge too much for the rooms either.

Price €€  | Amenities 7/10 | Location 8/10

Alte Baeckerei | Prenzlauer Berg

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This dinky (and very cheap) single room hotel is housed above the ancient Alte Baeckerei, that’s now part museum, part bakery. The place smells of freshly baked bread, and has a big, truly old-school wooden tub for a bath.

Price € | Amenities 6/10 | Location 6/10

Eastern Comfort | Friedrichshain

Eastern Comfort does many things that the average boat does not do; it has reasonably priced rooms to sleep in, free WiFi, zero seasickness (“the river Spree is as still as a pond”), a drinks terrace, and a mulit-lingual crew. What it does not do, however, is sail anywhere.

Price € | Amenities 6/10 | Location 7/10

Ostel Hotel | Friedrichshain

Do you yearn for the days of the Eastern Bloc? The perpetually ‘70s-esque decor? The deliberately unsleek, edgy design? The East Berlin location? And most of all, the rock-bottom prices? Then look no further than Ostel, which offers all of those things, today.

Price € | Amenities 8/10 | Location 7/10

Catalonia | Mitte

The Catalonia manages to be both quite cool (with an industrially stripped back, graffiti’d look), and functional at the same time, thanks to a gym, suana, free WiFi, and a solid central Berlin location.

Price € | Amenities 8/10 | Location 8/10

Monbijou| Mitte

This Mitte boutique is straight-up gorgeous, with wood floors, roaring fireplaces, and a roof terrace. Added to that, they’ve got a library, a cocktail bar, a sauna, and a fantastic location. And the cherry? It won’t even cost that must to stay there.

Price €€ | Amenities 8/10 | Location 10/10

Generator Hostel | Mitte

Yes, technically it’s a hostel. But for all intents and purposes, it might as well just be another hotel; there are private rooms, a beautifully designed bar/restaurant, a lounge area with huge leather sofas, a roof terrace, and an incredible sculptural string installation by French artist Sebastian Preschoux.

Price € | Amenities 9/10 | Location 9/10

Michelberger | Friedrichshain

At the Michelberger, the rooms are the main attraction. There’s the cosy, wooden Chalet, the book-covered Clever, the house-within-a-house Hideout, and more. And they all come with a sizeable bed and (occasionally) even a video projector.

Price €€ | Amenities 8/10 | Location 7/10

HuttenPalast | Neukölln

The people behind the HuttenPalast took one, huge former vacuum-factory, cleaned it out (presumably with, well, you know), and installed a couple of caravans, a wooden cabin, and a beautiful church-like hut made from 100 year old panels. It’s the very definition of Berlin-quirky, and it’s great.

Price €€ | Amenities 7/10 | Location 8/10

Luis Berlin | Mitte

Each one of the 50 rooms at the Luise is designed by a different artist; in fact, when the place first opened in 1995, it was supposed to a temporary art project. Now, it’s a fully functioning hotel (with a view of the Reichstag building, no less) which you could stay at for literally dozens of trips, and never have the same kind of night twice.

Price €€ | Amenities 7/10 | Location 7/10


70€-120€ and for the cheapest room

25hrs Hotel Bikini | Wilmersdorf

Slapped right in the heart of the city, the best thing about 25hrs – aside from the snappy interior design, the rain showers, the sauna, the bike rental, and the spa – is the roof terrace up on their 7th floor. Complete with one of the best bars in the city, it literally overlooks the Berlin Zoo.

Price €€€ | Amenities 8/10 | Location 9/10

Hotel Q! | Charlottenburg

As design hotels in Berlin go, Q takes some beating. The outside has a conventional, unobtrusive look, but the rooms boast a starkly minimalist aesthetic, with all-white walls, furnishings, and floors. But wander down into the lounge, and you’ll be greeted with a vibrant red colour scheme and some top-shelf food & drink.

Price €€€ | Amenities 8/10 | Location 8/10

The Dormero | Charlottenburg

The Dormero is anything but understated, with Bauhaus-inspired design and flashes of colour permeating the entire space, but if that can even be considered a flaw, the spacious rooms, great location, Michelin-starred dining, and excellent facilities certainly can’t.

Price €€ | Amenities 9/10 | Location 8/10

Hotel Pension Nürnberger Eck | Wilmersdorf

The PNE is boutique comprised of a mere eight rooms tied together by a 100 year old building. They’ve taken care to preserve the fittings in each room, with original wallpaper, radios (don’t worry, they also have cable TV), and furniture. In fact, if you woke up from a deep enough slumber, you’d be forgiven for imagining that you literally were in the 1920s…

Price €€€ | Amenities 7/10 | Location 7/10

Nhow Hotel | Friedrichshain

Mindbendingly cool, the Nhow features a huge shelf of a new wing jutting out from the old building, llush, pink-hued rooms, a river-side terrace, a cocktail bar, and a restaurant serving hyper-modern global cuisine. Hell, you can even get guitars and keyboards delivered to your room, for free.

Price €€€ | Amenities 8/10 | Location 7/10

Hotel Sarotti | Kreuzberg

Despite being set in one of the busier parts of the city, the Sarotti Hotel is actually quite a quiet, serene place to be, thanks to the fact that the rooms are all wrapped around a large private courtyard. The building itself is a former chocolate factory, and the higher tier rooms have their own private terraces.

Price €€€ | Amenities 7/10 | Location 8/10

Linnen | Prenzlauer Berg

The Linnen can lay a strong claim to being one of the best-looking hotels in Berlin. It has just six rooms (and a separate three-room apartment) each of which is impeccably designed with a zero-novelty, detail-oriented approach. There’s a cafe, a bar, and a shop where, yes, you can buy their linen.

Price €€€ | Amenities 6/10 | Location 8/10

Grimm Hotels | Potsdamer Platz/Mitte

Don’t believe the name. The Grimm hotels are acually quite lovely. There are two, located in Potsdammer Platz & Mitte, and both share the fairytale theme (hence, you know, Grimm) that shows through in very subtle ways, with the occasional quirky wallcovering, or piece of art.  

Price €€€ | Amenities 7/10 | Location 8/10

Weinmeister | Mitte

Quite frankly, the Weinmeister hotel would deserve a recommendation for the fact that it’s got a heated rooftop jacuzzi alone. The fact that it’s also got individually styled rooms, an excellent cocktail bar, and a stellar location in Mitte is just icing on that cake.

Price €€€ | Amenities 9/10 | Location 10/10

Ellington | Schöneberg

Set in a former factory, the Ellington formerly played host to jazz greats (such as the eponymous Duke Ellington). Today, the decor is understated, there’s a top-notch restaurant, a drink-in wine cellar (in an actual bank vault), and an absolutely vast events space.

Price €€€ | Amenities /10 | Location /10


120€+ for the cheapest room

Schloss Hotel Berlin | Grunewald

If Louis XIV was alive today, staying in Berlin, and somehow not freaked out by those two things, he’d probably strongly consider the Schloss. With beyond-gorgeous grounds, rooms, and facilities, the only risk is that he’d consider it too understated.

Price €€€€ | Amenities 10/10 | Location 7/10

Das Stue | Tiergarten

Das Stue was designed in the thirties, and once housed the Danish Embassy. It still looks pretty spectacular, and comes with a 16m-long pool, a cocktail bar, a Michelin-Starred restaurant, and a more causal diner whose terrace neatly abuts the ostrich enclosure of the Berlin Zoo.

Price €€€€€ | Amenities 9/10 | Location 9/10

Steinplatz | Charlottenburg

Freshly renovated in 2014, the Steinplatz was once the haunt for celebrities like Vladimir Nabokov and Brigitte Bardot. The new lick of paint the building has received pays considerate homage to the pace’s esteemed roots, while adding plenty of modern flourishes. There’s a rooftop spa, an excllent restaurant, and a beautiful closed courtyard.

Price €€€€€ | Amenities 9/10 | Location 9/10

Hotel Adlon | Mitte

One day in late 2002, Michael Jackson decided to greet fans in Berlin by dangling a baby out of his hotel balcony. This was that hotel. And if there’s one lesson to be learned from that, it’s that Jacko had excellent taste in hotels. The rooms are hyper-plush, there’s a restaurant by Tim Raue, and the Brandenburg Gate is just a few yards away.

Price €€€€€ | Amenities 10/10 | Location 10/10

Lux 11 | Mitte

A former apartment block (and KGB substation), this converted hotel now offers what are, essentially, small apartments rather than rooms. They each come with rainforest showers, two tvs, and kitchenette. Not that you’ll need them, given that there’s a delicious Japanese/Italian fusion restaurant on the ground floor.

Price €€€€ | Amenities 7/10 | Location 9/10


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