Hattie Lloyd 08/06/18

Your Singapore City Guide

Your Singapore City Guide

Main image: Nicolas Lannuzel/Flickr

Singapore’s Changhi airport has been crowned the best in the world every year since 2013, not least because it boasts a 24-hour cinema; a bar in a rooftop cactus garden; interactive wood-block art stations; kinetic art installations; a swimming pool; a jacuzzi; a butterfly house; a crystal garden; a spa; and a giant 12m slide.

So it bodes pretty well for the city itself.

And Singapore is like nowhere else in the world. A vibrant mix of cultures come together in a city that sees skyscrapers and art deco shophouses rubbing shoulders, and no less than four official languages (one, rather helpfully, being English) buzzing in the streets. The transport’s mind-bogglingly efficient; the food is excellent (and even more excellently priced); and you’ll encounter some of the most interesting fusions of culture; art and architecture in the world.

So behold – our guide to the best the city has to offer, from plush hotels and avant-garde restaurants; to secret bars and things to do… It’s your Singapore City Guide.

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