House of Holi | Throw shades at each-other at Cinnamon Kitchen
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House of Holi

House of Holi

House of Holi | Throw shades at each-other

Get ready to paint the town red.

And yellow. And blue. And orange. And pink. And green.

Because Cinnamon Kitchen are setting up an all-white party pod to help celebrate India’s festival of colours, Holi.

For those who’d like to know just what Holi is: it’s a Hindu festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil, symbolically represented by the season of Spring finally wrestling the thermometer out of Winter’s crushing grip, and dropping a bunch of new life across the hemisphere. And in India, the event is honoured by slinging a spectrum of colours at your friends, family and whatever total strangers stumble into your eye-line.

So Cinnamon Kitchen have taken that ball and sprinted away with it, creating the House of Holi. It’s basically a huge, all-white play pod in the middle of Devonshire Square, meaning it’s completely weather-proofed too. You’ll be given a set of all-white overalls to put over your regular clothes, then let into the main space with a virtually limitless supply of paint-powder for a 30-min rainbow fight.

After the dust settles, you’ll then get to down a few drinks at their special pop up bar, serving some appropriately colourful Holi cocktails, as well as some canapés. And if you’re really feeling colourful, you can score a special five-course Holi menu, including the likes of char-grilled kingfish with shallot raita; thandai sorbet; Rajasthani lamb curry; and more.

And if that wasn’t enough, Executive Chef Vivek Singh himself will be personally hosting a one-off Holi Special Masterclass, to explore the traditional & modern Indian cooking methods involved in creating the colourful snacks and street food often served during Holi. Oh, and he’ll be hosting a Holi supperclub, too.

All of which are fairly persuasive reasons to take a Holi day.

NOTE: House of Holi runs from the 6th-21st March. You can find out more, and book tickets right HEREThe Holi Masterclass will be on the 16th. To book, just email The Holi supperclub with be on the 14th. Get tickets right HERE

Cinnamon Kitchen | 9 Devonshire Square, EC2M 4YL

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House of Holi

9 Devonshire Square, Liverpool Street, EC2M 4YL


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