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Editorial Policy

We spend a lot of time sifting through mediocre places, events and more in order to bring our readers:

1. The very best of what’s new in London each week, via our regular emails, and

2. A searchable, highly-curated collection of excellent restaurants, bars and events on this website.

To do this successfully we retain full editorial control over all of the content on our website and in our emails.

However we also partner up with companies and brands keen to engage with the Nudge’s readers via advertising and promotional campaigns. But only when their style and offering fits ours and will appeal to our readers.

Advertising on the Nudge looks like advertising, so it’s pretty hard to miss.

Equally our editorial content is (unless clearly marked as “Partner Content”) 100% impartial, and always will be.

That is all: any questions please email Editor@TheNudge.com