(see below): Head of Marketing | Partnerships & Events Intern | Freelance Writer


The Nudge is the definitive insiders’ guide to London.

It brings new launches, exclusive invitations and secret goings-on to a large, influential and highly-engaged audience of over 300,000 young professional Londoners each month.

We also recently launched a membership platform that gives our members unique access to a regularly-changing selection of extraordinary experiences: from chef’s tables, bottomless boozy brunches and wine-paired tasting menus to member parties, off-menu dishes and preview dinners at some of London’s best new restaurants and bars.


HEAD OF MARKETING | £28k – £32k | + Bonus | Permanent Role

The Nudge has always grown organically, through word of mouth.

We recently discovered, however, that there are some people in London who have never heard of us. Who knew!

Anyway we’d like to do something about that, so would like to hire a Head of Marketing capable of negotiating content, brand and commercial partnerships; collaborating with journalists; attending boozy lunches; and, ultimately, being the spokesperson, brand ambassador and growth engine we’ve never had.

The first requirement to do this job well is that you need to genuinely love what we do. The second requirement is that you can immediately think up a million ideas for potential partnerships and collaborations that would work well for us. And the third requirement is that you have the drive, ambition, creativity and focus and see those ideas through to fruition.

You should:

Have a demonstrable love for life in London, and an appreciation for it’s burgeoning restaurant, bar and events scene. You don’t necessarily need to be a foodie, but you ought to know your Pitt Cues from your Palomars.

Be organised, focused, disciplined and driven. We’re looking for somebody who’s both entrepreneurial and confident. Your role will require you to regularly demonstrate a combination of polite persistence, grit and focus.

Be creative, and charming. You’ll need to combine your organisational skills and ability to get stuff done with creativity, good humour and charm. Your interest in London’s food scene and your work ethic must be combined with an ability to think outside of the box, be empathetic and get on well with literally everyone.

Have either sales, marketing or business development experience. Because, well, that’s what this role involves.

Be a good communicator. Your role will require you to communicate clearly and efficiently in order to shape people’s decisions. You’ll need to be confident in your ability to effortlessly communicate how exciting what we’re doing here is.

Be a nice person with a good sense of humour. Ooh, and have the right to work here. You know, legally.

In summary we’re looking for someone with sales, marketing or business development experience who is creative, commercially minded, personable, hard working, fun… and who (most importantly) believes in what we’re doing, and has both the skillset and personality required to help us grow it.

To apply please email your CV to JOBS@THENUDGE.COM explaining 1) What it is that you like about The Nudge, and 2) Why you’d like to work with us.

PARTNERSHIPS & EVENTS INTERNSHIP | £1,300pm + Expenses | 3 Months

We love our members, and so are about to step things up for them in a major way.

We have a ton of extremely exciting experiences and events planned, but our partnerships team need a little help making them all happen. Which is where you come in…

A paid internship with a genuine opportunity of transitioning into a full time position at The Nudge on completion, it will involve you diving straight into the heart of our partnerships team in order to learn from – and work with – the creative, hard working people responsible for our amazing member experiences and events.

We’re looking for someone who is ambitious; goal-orientated; driven; organized; creative; optimistic; and personable. You need to love London, get what we do, be charming, keen to learn and happy to work hard. Being a good communicator will be key to succeeding in this role and transitioning into a full time role with us.

Experience in either business development, PR, events, sales or marketing will certainly help, however more important than experience is that you have the personal attributes we’re looking for so don’t let a lack of experience stop you from applying!

To apply please email your CV to JOBS@THENUDGE.COM explaining 1) What it is that you like about The Nudge, and 2) Why you’d like to work with us.


We’re looking for a talented freelance writer with a keen interest in, and knowledge of, London who can write in a succinct and witty manner.

If you believe that might be you then please do apply to join us by sending in your best impression of a Nudge-style article.

You can write about any restaurant or bar in London that you wish. All we would ask is that your article:

– Is not longer than 250 words.

– Is written in the 1st person plural (the editorial “we”).

– Is funny, punchy and effortlessly conveys the reasons why you think we should visit the place you’re writing about.

Please email your article, introducing yourself in the process, to JOBS@THENUDGE.COM

NOTE: You must be based in London to apply for this role as we’ll shortly be hiring a new, full time staff writer. Working with us on a freelance basis may lead to that (if you’d like it to).