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Jason Allen 15/08/22

Our London Top 5, Right Now

Our Top 5 London Recommendations This Week

If you only do one thing this week, it should be reading our top 5 London recommendations this week…

…and then going and doing all of them.


Sandbox VR

The word ‘immersive’ has been thrown around a lot. It’s looking rather worn. It no longer hits with the impact it once did. So we maybe need to italicise, underline, or embolden it here in order to emphasise that Sandbox Vr is a truly immersive experience. It combines virtual reality with a real-life walkable arena in a brilliantly effective way, and it’s fantastic fun…

Dance Umbrella

Okay, in all fairness, Dance Umbrella hasn’t opened yet. In fact, it doesn’t open until October. But if you don’t buy tickets to it this week, then there’s a strong chance that you’ll miss out on some of the better shows, because when a festival this good has been around since the seventies… word gets around.

➌ MEMBERS’ PARTY: Mr Fogg’s Apothecary

Mr Foggs Apothecary

Fogg’s Apothecary, the latest pin in the map for the burgeoning Fogg’s empire, this time placing itself in deepest, darkest Mayfair. And in the spirit of giving each new outpost a sense of its own individual identity (while naturally remaining cloaked in the groups signature outfit of gloriously quirky Victoriana), the Apothecary is setting itself apart from the others by leaning very firmly into its cocktails… and Nudge Members are getting into an exclusive cocktail party, in which the bar’s opulent Elixir room will be closed to the pubic, and in which you & a date will receive three complimentary cocktails, each, plus canapés all night. 

Peggy Jean

Peggy Jean is the latest addition to the Beany Green family, joining Soho’s Scarlett GreenVictoria’s Timmy Green, and many others across the capital in dishing up Antipodean-style brunches, coffees, and cocktail-fuelled dinners. Only this time, the brunch is on a boat, floating in West London. And she’s an absolute beauty, built for balmy evenings and sunny brunches…



Dalston’s landed an intimate, stripped back wine bar on the edge of Newington Green. Known as Cadet – because that’s its name – it comes to us from two celebrated London wine lovers, Francis Roberts and Tom Beattie (who used to dish out the wine at Western’s LaundryBright and P Franco respectively, before setting up their own wine import business back in 2019) and cheesemonger-turned-fishmonger-turned butcher, George Jephson. Together they dreamed of setting up a small, neighbourhood spot where they could combine their love of excellent wine with wonderful charcuterie. And lo and behold, that’s exactly what they’ve done.



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