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Jason Allen 28/03/23

Our London Top 5, Right Now

Our Top 5 London Recommendations This Week

If you only do one thing this week, it should be reading our top five London recommendations…

…and then going and doing all of them.


Izakaya at Dreams

Izakaya at Dreams

Every evening, in Holland Park’s Supermarket of Dreams, they clear the counters in the centre of the space and lay down tabletops, chairs, and candles.

Then, taking up residence at the small kitchen & chef’s table at the back, a small dream team of some of the city’s best sushi chefs start to work their magic, diligently prepping, slicing, scorching, and seasoning an aquariums-worth of fish, all pulled from the glass-doored fridges behind them. And the results are absolutely wonderful. it’s just opened, and it’s worth checking out fo the Tuesday night Tuna Fight Clubs alone…

The BBC Earth Experience

BBC Earth Experience

If you head to Earl’s Court later this week (from Thursday on), you’ll get to witness the sheer majesty of one of our planet’s most precious resources: David Attenborough.

He’ll be providing his velvety, highly informed, and hypnotically engaging voice to the upcoming BBC Earth Experience, which sounds like an extremely ambitious affair to say the least: it’s all going to be housed in a new, massive, purpose-built venue in West London into which they’re stuffing some vast, 360-degree, multi-angle digital screens for you to submerge yourself into the natural world. Expect life-sized giraffes, lush rainforests, and penguins the size of a small building…



If you’ve never had Greek Australian fusion food – and we’ll take a wild, stab-in-the-dark guess here and say no, you probably haven’t – then here’s your chance.

And, perhaps ironically, the flavours are anything but spartan.

It’s called esti (the lower case is intentional – the Greek word for ‘restaurant’ is ‘estiatorio’), and it’s the work of Greek-born restaurateur Kostas Vais and his head chef Sal Galasso, who’s spend the last decade working at some of Oz’s finest restaurants, like Rockpool and Rosetta. Here, they’re moving into the excellent TT Liquor for a long-term pop up to show off their mutual culture-combo…

Portraits of Dogs

What do the likes of Gainsborough, Ward and Hockney all have in common?

A love of dogs.

And sure, they were all great painters too. Whatever. The important thing is their mutual love of our canine companions, which this exhibition – possibly the most adorable show going on at London’s art galleries right now – is here to demonstrate. And it’s opening this Wednesday.

Story Cellar

story cellar

Tom Sellers has a good story.

And we don’t just mean his two Michelin star restaurant, Story. Although that’s great too. No, we’re referring to his actual journey from being expelled from school at 16, to slogging away in pub kitchens, to being mentored by the likes of Tom Aikens & Rene Redzepi, and then finally opening his own restaurant in central London at the tender age of just 26. And winning his first Michelin Star in his first year.

Well, this weekend he’s opening another restaurant. And it’s going to be a continuation of the one that both started & cemented his legend, Restaurant Story. This one’s going to be called Story Cellar, and the idea is for it to be a slightly more casual partner to the original, with a menu centred around rotisserie chicken, in a space dominated by counter-style dining…


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