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Jason Allen 19/09/23

Our London Top 5, Right Now

Our Top 5 London Recommendations This Week

In Scrabble, the word ‘top’ is worth 5 points.

That top 5 will help you get a mediocre score and impress precisely no-one. This week’s London Top 5, however, will net you ➊ an afternoon of casual gaming with other Nudge Members (and a few drinks); ➋ a showcase of bleeding-edge design ideas & mind-blowing installations; ➌ a spine-tingling concerts in a beautiful secret space; ➍ a music & philosophy festival up on a hill; and ➎ a literally astronomically good new show…

The Nudge X Draughts | An Afternoon Of Casual Gaming


This week, we’re holding a casual afternoon games session for Nudge Members in which you can drop by with a plus one, meet other like-minded Londoners, then have a few drinks and play a few boardgames at a beautiful little spot in East London. The idea is to help make Nudge Membership into more of a community and to create a low-key, thoroughly enjoyable social gathering.

If you’re still reading, then hopefully you think it just might work, so here are the details: it’s all going down in Draughts, a lovely, leafy little boardgame cafe in Dalston on Sunday 24th September (2pm until 5pm). Your ticket will net you entry, two welcome drinks (wine, beer, soft drink, single spirit and mixer, cocktail), and a session playing the multitude of games on offer. It’s Nudge Members plus one, but most of the games are playable for up to 4-5 people, meaning you can hopefully team up and get to know each other.

Details: 24th September | 41 Kingsland High Street, E8 2JS | £14 (get tickets HERE, access code: JENGA)

The London Design Festival | Bleeding-edge design ideas & mind-blowing installations

Ed Reeve

The LDF is here to show off London as the “design capital of the world”, and when you lay down a gauntlet like that, you need to back it up with something impressive. Like, say, pulsating line of light projected at an “architectural scale” in St. Paul’s Cathedral, or a chance to meet & chat to the world’s number one art forger, or an immersive sensory lab that encompasses all five senses. That kind of thing.

Details: 16th-24th September | Across London

DEBUT at the Shoreditch Treehouse | Spine-tingling concerts in a beautiful space

DEBUT are a group of extremely talented classical musicians who band together in order to play accessible, fun concerts in interesting & unusual spaces. And the Shoreditch Treehouse is both interesting and unusual. This week, they’re hosting a show with sushi & gyoza, a little light piano improv, a pair of shows from two surprise performers, and BYOB drinks…

Details: 23rd September | Shoreditch Treehouse, 34 Charlotte Rd, EC2A 3PB | £28

HowTheLightGetsIn | A music & philosophy festival (Nudge Member Perk)

how the light gets in

HowTheLightGetsIn is officially the world’s largest philosophy & music festival.

Really makes you think, doesn’t it.

And dance.

But aside from being a perfect opportunity to ask why it takes two to tango, it’s also got a whole lot of comedy, food, workshops, and other stuff on offer too. All in all, there’ll be a tidy 150 speakers & performers, ranging from theoretical physicists, to comedians, to Mercury Prize winning musicians. And of course, that’s on top of the long table banquets, pop up bars, philosophy breakfasts, street food, cabaret, and massive amounts of other stuff. And Nudge Members are getting to experience it all, with a stonking 35% off tickets…

Details: 23rd & 24th September | Kenwood House, Hampstead Lane, Highgate, NW3 7JR | Use Code ‘NUDGE23’ for 35% off here

Astronomy Photographer of the Year | Get stars in your eyes

Depending on what kind of stars you like seeing photos of you should either buy a copy of Hello!, or go to the Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Maritime Museum, where you can see shimmering constellations, vast galaxies, mesmerising eclipses, and feel a sense of genuine awe wash over you as you’re confronted with the sheer vastness of the universe we live in.

We recommend the latter.

Details: Opens 16th September | National Maritime Museum, Romney Rd, SE10 9NF | £10

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