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Jason Allen 22/04/24

We're Holding A Talk On Chaos, Randomness & Fate

If you could rewind your life to the very beginning and then press play, would everything turn out the same? How much are our lives—and our societies—governed by chance and randomness? And why do the tiniest changes sometimes produce ripple effects that alter the course of our lives, or of history, forever?

Those are questions that Dr Brian Klaas will be wrangle into a witty, fascinating, even uplifting discussion at our next Nudge Talk, taking place on May 14th in the beautiful co-working and events space, Kindred.


Dr Klaas will speak about his latest book, Fluke, in which he explores the way that our world is completely driven by strange interactions and random events. He takes a deep dive into the tiny details of how much does your life change when you choose to hit the snooze button? Why did one couple’s holiday cause 100,000 people to die—and change the course of the 20th century? He’ll look at everything from evolution, to politics, to the how the web of connectivity in the world today magnifies even the tiniest of decisions, before concluding with lessons for how we can embrace the flukes of life to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

And in case you were wondering just who Dr Brian Klaas is? Well, he’s the proud benefactor of a series of improbable events that led to him being born in Minnesota, getting a doctorate at Oxford University, and ending up as an Associate Professor of Global Politics at University College London. He has written five books and is the creator of the award-winning Power Corrupts podcast, which has been downloaded millions of times.


And as for the venue? Kindred is an ex private members club, turned community space serving up cultural and private events, co-working and all-day dining in Hammersmith. It’s set in a huge Georgian mansion first build in the 1700s, and filled with just the kind of sweeping staircases, huge windows, and stately grandeur that you’d expect (and rounded out with the kind of modern touches you’d love). Things will kick off with a cocktail at the bar – you’ll get one included in your ticket from our bespoke menu – then proceed to the talk itself.

Their late night food menu will be available throughout the event, offering everything from buttermilk fried chicken to their house made falafel bowl. And the kicker? There’s a great little restaurant right below the main space, in case you want to grab something a bit more substantial before or after. And being right just down the staircase…

…it should save you from taking a wrong turn.


NOTE: Dr Brian Klaas’s talk on Fluke will take place on May 14th (7pm-9pm) in the private members’ club Kindred. Tickets are £15 and include entry and a welcome drink – to find out how to secure them, just head to the Members’ Box at the top of this page.

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Kindred | Bradmore House, Queen Caroline St, W6 9BW

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The Nudge Talks: Fluke With Dr Brian Klaas

Bradmore House, Queen Caroline St, Hammersmith, West London, W6 9BW