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Talisa Dean 30/04/24


SKINWORK | Galvanising skincare in Soho

If you’ve never heard of SKINWORK…

…well, here’s the skinny.

It’s a gorgeously serene boutique skincare studio in Soho. And yes, we know – ‘Soho’ and ‘serene’ don’t frequently appear in the same sentence. But SKINWORK is quietly nestled away from the throngs on Peter Street; an oasis stylishly decked out with mint green tiling, fresh white walls, and the occasional potted plant, just to add to the tranquil mood.

And it’s here that a fleet of highly-trained skin experts work to give tired, stressed-out Londoners a bit of me-time… while returning their skin to its most radiant, supple form thanks to a combination of state-of-the-art treatments and luxurious products.

skinwork soho peel

This all happens in one of their seven secluded treatment rooms, where you can take your pick from treatments like their highly popular City Cleanse (a kind of all-in-one that deals with blackheads, dullness and fine lines with a combination of cleansers, microdermabrasion and a skin peel); the Supercharged Signature Facial (which takes no prisoners on the acne front and will leave your skin feeling thoroughly flushed and cleansed); the Clean and Contour Facial (which melts away fluid retention with massages, heat masks and vacuum suction); and the indulgent 95-minute Results + Relaxation (which employs pretty much every trick in the book to revive your skin, from anti-bac pore extraction to antioxidant infusion and LED light therapy).

Before you get into that, however, your skin coach will ask a few simple consultation questions about your current routine – how much sunscreen you use, the types of products you have at home, and how often you apply everything – just so they can work out the right approach for your session. Then you’ll lie down, get towelled up and be given an arm massage before cracking into the main event.

skinwork microdermabrasion

Once you’re all done and dusted, before you go out showing off your freshly rejuvenated skin to the world, you can also swing by their shop in the reception area, where you can pick up SKINWORK’s exclusive hydrating gels, fancy exfoliating peels, and more. Because the difference between the products they’ve just lavished upon your skin and your pot of Vaseline at home…

…is more than a fine line.

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NOTE: SKINWORK is open daily – you can book treatments, and find out more, HERE.

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SKINWORK SOHO | 24 Peter St, London W1F 0HE

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24 Peter Street, Soho, W1F 0HE