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Soho: undoubtedly London’s most debaucherous, playful and risqué neighbourhood.

Until its act was cleaned up, of course.

The grungy live music venues and strip bars may have (mostly) gone, along with a lot of the area’s character. Ask any Londoner, and they’ll probably lament the lost days of Old Soho, even though they probably weren’t around for any of it. But there are still a handful of places keeping that traditional naughty spirit alive – and, as always with the double-edged sword of gentrification, a slew of exceptional restaurants and bars that we can really be quite thankful for.

It may be more PG these days, but Soho’s roots have always been in hospitality, and it’s something the area still has down to a tee. There are decadent spots for civilised degeneracy, iconic eateries showcasing globe-trotting cuisine, low-key pitstops and glamorous brasseries. Soho genuinely has it all. And that’s even before you get into the hidden cocktail bars; world-class galleries; boundary-pushing theatre and legendary jazz bars…

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