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Hattie Lloyd 16/04/24

Shuffle Club

A brief history of shuffleboard:

It was invented in England in the early 1500s. Henry VIII played it, and its popularity spread. It became so wildly addictive that people stopped working, and so in 1542 the government had to ban it.

Then, in 2016 the people at The London Shuffle Club decided to brazenly risk our economy by unleashing this illicit pastime on an unwitting public once more. Almost a decade (and two highly successful long-term pop ups) later, they’ve determined that the masses are indeed, still very keen on shuffleboard. Which is how they’ve come to cut the ribbon on a much bigger permanent venue (now more snappily named ‘Shuffle Club’) in Shoreditch this month.

shuffle club

Shuffle Club has filled all three storeys of their vast new venue with shuffle tables, so instead of using those long sticks on a shuffleboard lane, you’ll be pushing the pucks along sleek tabletop boards. Aside from the reduced scale, the premise is essentially the same: the aim of the game is to slide your team pucks into the scoring zones at the other end of the board. Punt your puck too far, and it’ll end up in the “Cradle” – a no scoring zone which is not where you want your pucks to end up. You’ve got just under an hour to score as many points over your mates as you can, and the tables are all fitted with tech-powered scoreboards to help you mercilessly laud it over the losers keep track.

Shuffle Club’s last venue was a great place to stop by for drinks or a bite to eat whether you were playing or not, and they’re building on that even more here. Food wise, they’ve got a brand new food menu so you can expect the likes of cauliflower fritter, mango chutney, lime; seared halloumi, drizzled with rose honey harissa, tahini, and sesame, and glazed chicken yakitori, plum and whisky BBQ sauce. They’ll also be slinging sourdough pizzas from wood-fired ovens, and on weekends, you can still book in for their bottomless brunch, at which you can flag down endless top-ups of booze, banana pancakes and avo on toast as you play.

London Shuffle Club

Meanwhile, the Shuffle Club bartenders will be busy serving up a new cocktail menu that has everything from sharing cocktails, boozy slushies, and cocktails like the Puck-Star Martini, with Vodka, lime, cranberry, cherry, Prosecco.

We’ll just remind you that shuffleboard is a one-handed game…


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NOTE: Shuffle Club opens is open now. Shuffle tables can be booked for 2-8 players, and cost £28-38 for an hour. You can book right HERE

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Shuffle Club | 19-23 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA

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Shuffle Club

19-23 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, E1 6LA