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The first thing you’ll notice when exploring Shoreditch is that there are, in fact, no shores or ditches.

Turns out it’s named after an ancient landowning family, the ‘Soerdiches’… which definitely could have ended up as something much worse.

And despite its murky past (plague, squalor, Bedlam, etc.) and grumblings about its future (hipster beards, avocados, avocados with beards), Shoreditch is known as one of London’s most creative, unusual neighbourhoods. Streets are packed with independent boutiques flogging hand-made and artisanal wares. Unmarked doorways lead to award-winning, world-class cocktail bars. Old warehouses are reborn as arenas for crazy golf, shuffleboard and ping pong. There are endless things to do in Shoreditch, and endless places to refuel at afterwards.

Whether it’s your first time exploring, or you’re returning to find the places that are a little off the beaten track, we’ve got recommendations by the bucketload…

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