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Cycene | Amazing Dining Experience in Shoreditch

If you’re wondering how to pronounce Cycene, imagine you’re an old English peasant saying ‘kitchen’.

It’s the new restaurant project for Shoreditch arts hub Blue Mountain School, where it’s replaced Michelin-starred predecessor Mãos (and not just physically; it’s just won its own Michelin Star six months after opening).

In recent years Mãos was run by Edoardo Pellicano, who made his name as Head Chef at Portland – and funnily enough that’s where the next chef, Theo Clench, cut his teeth too. After a stint as exec chef at Akoko, he’s launched Cycene to put his own spin on fine dining.

Cycene has made use of much more space than Mãos, spreading over two floors (and building in giant fridges for ageing meat and fish), but it still tries to keep that dinner party feel. You know, those dinner parties where you dine on ten courses of dishes like turbot with sake and caviar from a Michelin-starred kitchen’s chef.


There’s still only room for 16 diners – this time spread around tables for up to four – but that ground floor has been put to use as a pre-dinner apéritif bar, taking care of the whole evening. And just like Mãos, guests are still invited into the kitchen itself, with the second course served up behind the pass (where chefs put together their finishing touches).

Other dishes on the menu at Cycene include Devon crab, with white kombu and ‘green tartlet’ and mackerel with plum, shisho and dashi. Essentially, plenty of fresh seafood laced with elegant Japanese flavouring – and there are also wine and soft ‘elixir’ pairings to go with each course.

So not exactly your typical peasant’s diet.


NOTE: Cycene is open now, Tuesday to Saturday. You can find out more, and make a booking HERE.

Cycene | 9 Chance St, London E2 7JB

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9 Chance Street, Shoreditch, E2 7JB

9.0 | Amazing