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Jason Allen 08/07/24

Roe Is Diving Into The Brunch Scene

After opening a couple of months ago, Roe has been greeted with a flurry of beyond-glowing reviews, throngs of ravenous diners, and a level of hype that could power a small country.

So it’s probably good news that they’re now doing brunch at weekends.

And even better news that Nudge Members (+1) are getting 50% off the food bill for the first month.

We’ll come back to that brunch in a bit, for now let’s get back to the venue itself. It comes to us from the sustainability-driven team at Fallow in St James’s, which helps explain how it’s been so well-received. It’s in Canary Wharf, where it sits at the base of an impossibly tall building overlooking the canal and the huge Hawksmoor that’s floating in it.


Step inside, and you’ll discover both a miniature indoor garden suspended above the entrance, and a rather striking support structure propping up the wood-lined ceiling, standing like a stark white tree trunk reimagined by a surrealist. It’s quite a sizeable venue too, laid out in a large L-shape that curves itself around the open kitchen, which itself is skirted by a long dark marble bar. And apparently, some of the pale walls here were 3D printed from plant-based and compostable materials. Clearly, their focus on sustainability has gone far beyond the menu.

And speaking of the menu, there’s a lot to recommend. It’s not the simplest affair, being split up into about seven sections (not counting sides or desserts) including snacks, small plates, skewers, flatbreads, large plates, steaks, and ‘feasts for two’. But you should definitely navigate your way to the flavoursome cuttlefish fried toast; fall-off-the-bone lamb ribs; one of those chunky skewers (particularly the one packed with venison & mushroom); a somehow meaty, mushroom-filled Cornish pasty; and some fluffy flatbreads loaded with scallops, bacon butter & parsley.

But save room for dessert, because there’s an absolute belter to be had: the caramelised banana parfait arrives looking identical to a banana, with a dollop of peanut ice cream & a crisp twig of toasted vanilla. It’s absolutely delicious.


And that brunch? Well, you can expect the goodness to flow 9.30am-4pm every Saturday & Sunday, and to include the likes of eggs Benny flatbreads with truffle ham & hollandaise; crisp hashbrowns with walnut ketchup; caramelised banana bread topped with chantilly & smoked streaky bacon; and something called a Croissant Royale which comes stuffed with such delectable options as sausage, grilled portobellos, or goats cheese & pickled lemon, all topped with a fried egg.

It can all be washed down with brunch-friendly mimosas, palomas, Marys, and some house-special Roe iced tea – or, if it’s too early for all that, then a hangover-free Lemon verbena swizzle will do the trick.

And given how well-honed their sustainable approach is, let’s hope this Roe spawns a lot of imitators…


NOTE: Roe is open now, seven days a week. You can find out more, and book a table, at their website

PERK: Nudge Members (+1) are getting an exclusive secret soft launch of Roe’s new weekend brunch menu, with 50% off the food bill, on 20th/21st July; 27th/28th July; 3rd/4th August; 10th/11th August; 17th/18th August; 24/25th August. Check the Members’ box above for details. Not a Nudge Member yet? Sign up for a free 7 day trial.

Roe | Five Park Drive, Wood Wharf, E14 9GG

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Five Park Drive, Wood Wharf, Canary Wharf, The City, E14 9GG

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