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Behold An Art Exhibition For Dogs

Behold An Art Exhibition For Dogs | 19th – 20th Aug

So, an art exhibition for dogs is opening in London.

Now you may immediately suspect that this is a PR stunt.

And if you do, then you’d be right.

That said… the fact that this exhibition’s being powered by a pet insurance company doesn’t change the fact that if you have a dog, you’re probably going to want to take it to its first ever art exhibition.

And so here’s everything you need to know about it –

1) It’s called the MORE TH>N #PlayMore Exhibition, and it’s open this Friday 19th to Saturday 20th August.

2) It consists of a series of interactive art installations created by artist Dominic Wilcox and chums – all of which have been created for dogs.

3) Upon arrival at the venue, you and your dog will be directed through the space to experience each of the interactive installations in turn. Included are a selection of paintings and drawings created in a dog’s colour spectrum, including greys, blues and yellows; a multimedia video installation for dogs that simulates a frisbee bouncing around a screen; giant 10 foot dog food bowl filled with hundreds of toy balls resembling dog food; head out of the car simulator that gently blows wind and scents through the air for dogs to enjoy; and a series of dancing water jets that jump from one dog water bowl to the next for dogs to chase.

Oooh, and right next to the exhibition venue – located just off Bermondsey Street, by London Bridge station – is the best immersive doggy experience of all.

A park.

NOTE: There will be a limited number of walk-ins permitted on each day, but to secure entry for you and your best friend (or your dog) you can get tickets here.

Location: 47/49 Tanner Street, Southwark, London, SE1 3PL

When: Fri 19th August 11am – 5pm | Sat 20th August 2016 9am – 4pm.




Behold An Art Exhibition For Dogs

47/49 Tanner Street, Central London, SE1 3PL