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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Endless Plains

Endless Plains by Polly Morgan | King’s Cross Exhibition

Taxidermy: white hot right now.

And this is largely thanks to the efforts of headline-grabbing taxidermist and artist… Bart Jansen: creator of the “Catcopter”.

But it’s also thanks to Londoner Polly Morgan, who bypasses the traditional taxidermist’s approach of mimicking her subject’s natural habitat by instead placing them in quite unexpected – and often rather peculiar – scenarios.

Already celebrated by audiences and critics around the world, today Ms. Morgan opens her largest installation to date: “Endless Plains”, a free exhibition in Kings Cross, running until 31st July 2012.

Inspired by a recent visit to the Serengeti, Endless Plains is Morgan’s “unflinching portrait of the savagery of nature, where the sacrifice of one life for dozens more is a vital and constant exchange”.

Which is a nice way of saying that it’s full of gross stuff, like a hollowed-out stag carcass filled with resting bats and chubby piglets parasitically gorging themselves from the teats of a rotten old tree.

Most impressive of all?

She made everything with her own bear hands.

NOTE: Polly Morgan: Endless Plains. 8th June – 31st July 2012 (Tuesday – Saturday, 10-6pm)


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Endless Plains

2 Omega Place, Kings Cross, Kings Cross, N1 9DR