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Gone Camping

Gone Camping | The Art Of Dining

January’s boring.

It’s so boring, in fact, that all of the sorts of wonderful activities we usually fill our monthly agendas with never happen. So we don’t bother doing one.

However this January there’s one exception. And it’s an exception that we highly recommend you book tickets for if you fancy kicking 2015 off at a supper club that promises to fuse theatre and food inside an old pickle factory filled with billowing canvas tents, flickering lamps, indoor greenery, wooden benches and heavy camping blankets.

Brought to you by The Art of Dining, Gone Camping‘s another notch in Moro-trained chef Ellen Parr and set designer Alice Hodge’s multi-sensory dining bedpost. Head along and you’ll be engulfed in a makeshift English countryside campsite of canvas and candlelight, with an outdoor area that boasts a number of log campfires where you’ll be invited to toast marshmallows, boil water in Billy cans for steaming tea and warm the soles of your feet while sipping on campfire-inspired cocktails like their hot chocolate, baileys and brandy house special.

On the menu you will, perhaps predictably, find exactly the sorts of food you might enjoy if you went camping. And took chef Ellen Parr along with you.

Specifically you can expect to enjoy the flavours of charcoal grilled, smoked and timber-infused campsite cooking, all infused within five courses of (not entirely) traditional campfire meals like posh pot-noodle Vietnamese pho; coal-roasted BBQ meats with Thai spices and fish sauce; and something that involves Moroccan egg and flat bread.

To summarise, if we may, Gone Camping promises to combine food and theatre in The Art Of Dining’s own inimitable style…

… and to be the only fun thing happening in London next month.

NOTE: The Art of Dining’s ‘Gone Camping’ 2015 is now finished. For any further questions or queries please either email [email protected] or call 07932 654 774.

Gone Camping | The Pickle Factory, 13 – 14 The Oval London, E2 9DU

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Gone Camping

The Pickle Factory, 13-14 The Oval London, Bethnal Green, The City and East London, E2 9DU