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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Grey Goose Iconoclasts Of Taste

Grey Goose Iconoclasts Of Taste | Partner Content

i·con·o·clast (n): 

“A person who attacks cherished beliefs or institutions”.

Today we’re talking about mavericks.

Those non-conformist, revolutionary types whose dissatisfaction with the status quo drives change, progress and evolution in every facet of our lives.

The people who make a difference.

You’ll find them in business and politics; in medicine and music; in education and fashion; in charity and technology; and in food and drink.

Regarding that last one, Grey Goose vodka – inspired by their founding “Maître de Chai” François Thibault, who revolutionised the way vodka was made by following the French epicurean tradition of craftmanship and using only the finest ingredients – have launched a unique search to unearth a new generation of taste visionaries: those people whose work may well change the way that we think about food and drink.

And they’d like you to support their visions.

A panel of established iconoclasts (mixologist Tony Conigliaro; acclaimed chef Nuno Mendes; fashion designer Giles Deacon; and curator Carrie Scott) have created the shortlist, which has just been unveiled on the Grey Goose Taste website. There you can read the panel’s thoughts on what it takes to become an iconoclast, and pledge your support for the shortlisted visionaries. In doing so you’ll discover ways to help bring their visions to life, and give yourself the opportunity to become one the very first to experience those unique visions in person at a handful of exclusive Grey Goose events.

Every bold vision requires the support of early adopters prepared to stand up for ideas that they believe in…. Learn more here.

NOTE: For more information you can watch the Grey Goose Iconoclasts Of Taste Video, and get additional updates by following Grey Goose on Twitter or Facebook 


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Grey Goose Iconoclasts Of Taste

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