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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Nomad & Salt Yard

Nomad & Salt Yard Group | Cinema Experience 

Take a look outside, and you’ll see clouds.

But take a look deep inside your heart… and you’ll see that both this evening, and tomorrow evening, London’s set to bask in blazing sunshine.

Alternatively, check BBC Weather.

The implications of this are clear: you must spend tomorrow evening in a West London park eating Ibérico burgers with manchego and watching The Goonies.

Mikey: Hi mom. Hi dad. I guess we’re in big shit now, right?

The first in a 3 night collaboration by restaurateurs Salt Yard Group and roving cinema The Nomad, you can expect tomorrow evening’s Goonies screening to be complimented by Ibérico burgers and hot dogs; salt cod croquettes and courgette flowers with goat’s cheese and honey.

Chunk: I smell ice cream.

Yes, Chunk. Yes, you do.

And that’s because Salt Yard’s roaming usherettes will be permanently on hand to deliver vast quantities of smoked paprika popcorn; cinnamon and lemon popcorn; and homemade ice creams and fudges.

If tomorrow’s a no-go, then you have two additional opportunities to redeem yourself: The Graduate on 8th September, and The Big Lebowski on 22nd September.

And fear not, the sun will be shining for those too.

It just might take BBC weather a couple of weeks to catch on…

NOTE: In addition to Nomad’s Queen’s Park collaborations with Salt Yard Group, they’re showing other films around London throughout September – from The Artist and Top Gun to Romeo & Juliet. Full listings HERE.


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Nomad & Salt Yard

Queen's Park, West London, NW6 6NL