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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Sky Lodge

Sky Lodge | Alternative Entertainment

As the UK flirts with the probability of entering a “double-dip” (which sounds more fun than it’s likely to be), you’ve possibly decided to postpone your annual Alpine skiing break.

For several years.

A sensible move, which must be celebrated with a unique nod to the après-ski that you’ve so nobly forsaken.

And we have just the place to do it: a secret rooftop retreat, located near the base of the mountainous Shard building which opens today and will be hosting, for the next 10 days, a reimagination of seasonal shenanigans, festive frolics and winter warming.

Having bought your Sky Pass online (£6) or on the door (£7), you’ll ascend the “ski lift” to the home of your après party: a secret construct precariously perched atop Magdalen House, by London Bridge.

On arrival you’ll receive a warm and friendly welcome from a cast of characters tasked with serving up locally-foraged Alpine style food plus Giant Lager, festive cocktails and winter warmers.

Amongst those expected to appear at the Sky Lodge – all of whom will blend into the crowd in “a pure expression of invisible theatre” – are the competitive and beer-swilling European Lumberjacks and the American LumberJocks, who will compete over hacksawing, beer drinking and trunk splitting; plus the charming Silver Foxski, who, over toasted marshmallows, will flirt outrageously with whomever takes his fancy.

In addition you’ll meet the two Heidi Hosts, professional Bratwurst juggler and kartoffel peeler “Your Wurst Nightmare”, and – if you’re particularly unlucky – the RastaBavarian, whose mastery of the Bavaraian “Shuplatter” folk dance requires courage, a mastery of rhythm and a pair of extremely firm butt cheeks.

“I see Shuplatter as da German Capoeira” he says. “Ich be no batty boy as Shuplatter transcends all tings.”

Yes, yes it does.

Sky Lodge | The Sky Room, Magdalen House, 136-148 Tooley Street, London SE1 2TU

NOTE: Sky Lodge opens today and runs until 17th December 2011 (Wednesday to Saturday, 5pm to 10pm). £7 tickets are available on the door but, to guarantee your Alpine experience in London, you should buy £6 tickets in advance online.


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Sky Lodge

The Skyroom, Magdalen House, 136-148 Tooley Street, London Bridge, The City and East London, SE1 2TU