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Neil Frame 07/01/70



Today we’re talking about spontaneity.

And for good reason.

Because rumours abound that, despite it only being Tuesday, you’ve been subconsciously contemplating exactly how this week is going to be different from any other week of your life since the second time you hit snooze yesterday morning.

Well we bring good news.

Because this week you’re going to unleash every fibre of your recklessness by impulsively electing to attend an immersive “Theatre Souk” which has just taken over a building in central London. And which’ll be gone by Sunday.

The sum here is simpler than the parts. As a Theatre Souk, SPACED is a marketplace of immersive theatrical happenings, which will involve you wandering between a myriad of genuinely potty experiences before then rewarding the performers based on the extent to which you’ve enjoyed their company.

The parts here are more complicated than the sum. It’s all pretty weird to be honest. But in a good way. You’ll spend time with the nutty inhabitants of a post-apocalyptic sandwich shop; help a psychiatrist get inside the mind of a mute, life-sized puppet; have a private massage on a beach; discuss loneliness with a stranger (while spooning together on her bed); bid for the actual possessions of two women’s ex-boyfriends; dictate the outcome of a series of live arguments taking place inside a boxing ring; throw yourself into the heart of an electrifying snail race; have a conversation with a refugee; visit an old fashioned peep show and solve a murder.

You: 1   Monotony: 0

NOTE: Tickets for SPACED cost £10 to get in (and please note that spaces are limited each night, so you do need to buy a ticket in advance to secure your place). You also need to bring along some cash for the performers that you’ll visit.  Generally £1 or £2, if you’ve enjoyed your experience, is about right. 

Spaced | Marylebone Gardens, 35 Marylebone High Street, W1A 2BG

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Marylebone Gardens, 35 Marylebone High Street, Central London, W1A 2BG