Jason Allen 22/03/24

One Building. 260 Kitchens.

There’s a monolithic cube being built in West London, and it’s going to have 260 kitchens.

According to the UN, there are 195 countries in the world right now, meaning that the new Portal Way development could have one of its kitchens dedicated to every single national cuisine on earth, and still have 65 kitchens left over. You could use one kitchen to cook in the style of just one specific year, every year going back right to 1764. You could eat from a different kitchen for every single weekday in an entire year and never order from the same place twice.

Portal Way

Yes, that’s a lot of kitchens. What for? Well, they’re going to be dark kitchens – the ones used solely for delivery companies – but there’ll also be used to serve the building’s ground-floor food court. Apparently you’ll be able to order from a digital terminal, and the food will be whisked down to you. And, given the sheer, mind-boggling number of cooks beavering away above your head, we assume that the menu you’re choosing from will be the largest and most exhaustive in the history of food.

You’ll find it in North Acton when it opens (date TBC), and it shouldn’t be hard to spot. Unless there’s already a 12 story, 28,000 square-metre metal cube in the area.

Dystopian nightmare? Eighth wonder of the world? One thing’s for sure – there’ll probably be at least one burger place.


NOTE: Portal Way is set to open at some point in the near future, although the developers won’t commit to a window of any sort. A bit like the building itself. Find out more here

Portal Way | 1 Portal Way, W3 6RS

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Portal Way

1 Portal Way, North Acton, West London, W3 6RS