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Jason Allen 28/03/19


Chambers_ | Gingerline are back

Gingerline are back with another experience so secret, we’ll have to ask that you kindly read this article in a whispered internal monologue. 

It’s got a secret menu, it’s at a secret location, and the experience is a secret, too.

It’s called Chambers_, and it’s a culmination of their various Chambers of Flavour immersive supperclubs, which has gone through three ever-more-impressive iterations over the past couple of years.

This fourth time around, you’ll get “a palate twisting interactive multi-dimensional dining adventure”, which includes “5 flavoursome courses, a palate cleanser, a welcome drink plus 120 minutes of playful explorations through 5 dining dimensions”. Precisely what all of that means isn’t entirely clear, but then, that’s the point.

Now don’t go blabbing about it.

NOTE: Chambers_ runs until December 21st. You can find out more, and snap up tickets at their website HERE.


Want to see the former Chambers of Flavour? Take a peek.