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Jason Allen 21/02/19


Devi’s | Plant-Based Silk Road Supperclub

The Silk Road.

It wasn’t nearly as soft as it sounds.

In fact, it was a vast, hard-trodden trade route that stretched from the Mediterranean to East Asia, and – cutting straight to the important bit – basically meant that people swapped delicious spices from half way across the globe to make whole new, mind-blowing foods that were worth the 4-ish thousand mile trek. And it’s those foods that they make at Devi’s.

As a little background on the supperclub itself: Devi’s is the project/obsession of self-taught chef Tanya Gohil, whose own Indo-Persian heritage stretches across the Silk Road too, meaning she’s had a special insight into the blend of cultures that she throws into each dish. It’s all plant-based, and female-focused (the word Devi means ‘goddess’ in Sanskrit, apparently) and Tanya re-invests both time and profit into hosting empowerment projects for women.

Devi's London

Each supperclub takes place at a different venue, and each of those venues is set up for a candlelit, flower-filled banquet. Their next will be the Silk Road Spring dining experience on March 13th & 14th, and it’ll take place in the Hackney Coffee Company’s verdant, light-filled space.

On the menu, you can expect the likes of za’atar & sumac spiced cassava with garlic toum; charcoal bread with labneh & chilli oil; purple sprouting broccoli with red pepper muhammara sauce & challah crumb; blackened aubergine with miso and fenugreek; cauliflower with coconut korma & fried shallots; baked chocolate truffles with hazelnut and olive oil; and more.

And of course, there’s a very well-curated wine list to go with it all. So don’t worry…

…you’ll find the perfect thing to hit The Road with.

NOTE: Devi’s Silk Road Spring supperclub takes place on March 13th & 14th at the Hackney Coffee Company. Tickets cost £35 and are available right HERE.

The Hackney Coffee Company | 503 Hackney Rd, E2 9ED

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503 Hackney Rd, Hackney, E2 9ED