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Jason Allen 26/02/19

A secret Japanese bar has popped up underneath a sleek Mayfair restaurant...

Oden Bar | A one-dish, one-cocktail Japanese pop up

As it turns out, Cubé in Mayfair has a hidden side.

Because if you head down the unmarked staircase below the restaurant, you’ll find a tiny, low-lit, moodily minimalist 12-seat only bar. This is Oden Bar. It’s popping up until the end of March, and it only serves one dish, and one drink.

That dish is called oden: it’s a traditional Japanese warming winter staple, and it involves seafood, daikon, boiled egg, some fried fishcake, and a few more ingredients bathing in a hearty, soy-flavoured dashi broth. There’s a small pot of mustard on the side, and the idea is to dip each bite into it, which taking the occasional slurp/sip of the the broth.

Oden Bar

That drink is a one-off Nikka Whisky Highball, which includes some Nikka whisky that they’ve infused with Earl Grey at the bar, then mixed with blueberry, lemongrass, raspberry, apple, cinnamon and pink pepper.

You can get the combo for £20 (with unlimited dashi stock), and it’s all customisable to add/remove any ingredients you like. And when you’re done?

You can make a dashi yourself.

NOTE: Oden Bar is open at Cubé from Tuesday to Saturday evenings from 6pm until 11pm. You can find out more at their website right HERE

Cubé | 4 Blenheim St, W1S 1LB

Want to hang around? Well, Cubé also has a decent restaurant up top…

Oden Bar

4 Blenheim St, Mayfair, W1S 1LB