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Neil Frame 07/01/70

Amex & Foursquare

Amex & Foursquare |  (Partner Content)

‘Daily Deals’ had a good run.

For a while there everyone in London was eating out at the finest restaurants for next to nothing; enjoying supercar experiences for the price of regular taxis; getting their teeth whitened every week and filling their weekends with £5 Thai massages, luxurious afternoon teas and those treatments that involved miniature piranhas eating the dead skin on their feet.

Everyone was living the high life.

But gradually the excitement faded, not entirely by coincidence at exactly the same time as deal sites started regularly throwing up average deals with increasingly disappointing businesses. And this created a void in our lives: a large, gaping vacuum where – for a short period of time – the excitement of great local experiences (with a generous financial sweetener) used to reside.

But there’s a happy twist at the very end of this sad tale: the news that Amex has just relaunched its partnership with the original creators of the “Check In”, Foursquare, in order to bring you an ongoing (and regularly changing) smorgasbord of financial incentives and perks at some of the best events, restaurants and retailers in London…

From getting access to tickets for smash hit shows before they go on sale to the public (previous examples including The Book Of Mormon, and Somerset House’s outdoor film screenings) to receiving up to 50% cash-back on meals at restaurants across London and on purchases at shops like Fenwick, Banana Republic, Harvey Nicholls, Nike and Selfridges, the process for getting involved comes in three very complicated stages:

1). Get an Amex.

2). Join Foursquare

3). Sync them here.

Then once that’s done, all you’ll need to do is accept the offers, incentives and perks that pop up on your phone as and when you want to: there are no online payments, daily emails, printable certificates or dead-skin-eating-feet-fish involved.

So it’s basically just like ‘Daily Deals’, only without the hassle.

Or the rubbish deals.

You can learn all about how the Amex & Foursquare sync works right here.

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Amex & Foursquare