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Your October Agenda

Your October Agenda

YOUR OCTOBER AGENDA | Pop Up London 2018

It’s October, which means that the person in charge of the office thermostat still thinks it’s summer, and the people in charge of the high street think it’s Christmas.

Thankfully though, the people in charge of London’s popups, events, and festivals have their calendars thoroughly in order.

And this month’s Agenda includes only the crème de la crème de la crème of stuff taking place in our capital this month, including a surrealist Parisian rooftop bar, an 11,000 litre cement mixer filled with cocktails, the UK’s first aquatic mermaid marathon, a tea-infused supperclub, a gin bar with a pygmy goat, and the return of those igloos by the Thames


POP UP EVENTS (October 2018)

Pop Up London

Peloton House | Partner Content

The folks at Peloton are taking indoor cycling up a gear: their Covent Garden pop up showcase will let you take a free indoor class on one of their cutting-edge HD touchscreen-enabled bikes, all for free. You can drop in, try a bike & a class in one of their themed rooms (designed to mimic the home environment with beds, sofas, the works), or ride with a friend if you’re quick on the day. You can even get a hot shower afterwards.

Details: Until 13th October | 11 Floral St, WC2E 9DH | Free


For the month of October, The Royal Academy are going to put a full-size, 30ft tall replica of the Bates Motel from Psycho in their courtyard. Just in front of the cycle-path.

Details: Throughout October | The Annenberg Courtyard, Burlington House, W1J 9ER

Beer Cruise

The LBC is essentially a 2hr beer tasting, with an interactive beer talk from the people at FourPure Brewery and a live guitarist… except it all takes place on a boat floating down the Thames.

Details: 4th October | Departing from Westminster Pier, 7pm | £25 (includes 5 1/2-size cans of beer)

Flat Iron Square Oktoberfest

Flat Iron Square Oktoberfest - things to do in London this month

Flat Iron Square’s al fresco beer garden already has a touch of the Bavarian about it, thanks to its festoon lit, chalet-style bar. But for the first week of October, they’re going all out, with live oompah bands, guest German beers on the taps (and one in your hand, on arrival), themed street food, and something called ‘Wolfgang Games’…

Details: 3rd-6th October Flat Iron Square, SE1 1RU £10 + booking fee

The Electrograph

The Lost Lectures have decided to hold their next series of mind-benders in a massive former power station. It’s going to be insane, but the short version is that it’ll involve floor-to-ceiling projections, cocktails bars, street food, and a quartet of keynote speakers each night including beatbox champions, hallucinogenics experts, grime photographers, and ‘The Secret Barrister’ himself. Oh, and Nudge readers are getting 20% off ticket… READ MORE

Details: 4th-27th October | Somewhere Secret in Zone 2 | £25pp (get 20% off with code NUDGE20)

Tequila and Mezcal Fest

As one might expect from a tequila & mezcal festival, there will be plenty of both tequila and mezcal on offer at the OXO Bargehouse this year. And you’ve be forgiven for expecting a few live bands, some masterclasses, and some Mexican street food to be thrown in too. Which they will be. But what you probably didn’t anticipate are the all-new Mexican artisan spirits on offer, including Sotol, Charanda and the delightfully named Pox.

Details: 5th-7th October | Oxo Tower Wharf, Barge House St, SE1 9PH, UK | £20-£40

The Coppa Club Igloos Are Back!

Yes, those ridiculously good looking, cosy, hygge-fied Coppa Club igloos have returned to the banks of the Thames, and this time they’re bringing a menu of hot gin cocktails. They’re launching them on Saturday October 6th with live music and 200 free cocktails, with the igloos available on a first-come basis. Booking opens on October 9th, but they’re reserving a few for walk-ins each night.

Details: From 6th October | Coppa Club, 3 Three Quays Walk, EC3R 6AH

World Zombie Day

World Zombie Day describe itself as an ‘annual charity walk’, but let’s face it, it’s more of an ‘annual charity shuffle‘. If you want to take part, just register online, get your best/worst outfit, make sure you look hideous, and head to the prearranged secret location where you can begin your reign of terror, following the hordes as they make their way through the busiest parts of town. All proceeds go towards a homelessness charity.

Details: 6th October | A Secret Central London location | £5 (optional charity donation)

Brixton Oktoberfest

The booze at Oktoberfests is the best.

As for the food? You have to assume the wurst.

And thankfully, that’s a pretty safe assumption to make at Brixton’s Oktoberfest, which is taking place on the heated, covered Brixton Jamm, and will involve entire steins filled with cocktails, games like ‘Pass ze Parcel’, oompah bands, and a Berlin techno room… READ MORE

Details: Saturdays 6th, 13th & 20th October | Brixton Jamm, 261 Brixton Rd, SW9 6LH | £5-£20

The CopyCat

If you’ve been feeling like your nerves are a little too fray-free and un-shredded for your liking lately, then you’ll be delighted to hear about CopyCat. It’s an immersive show themed around a serial killer who mimics the grizzly murder methods of other notorious murderers like him. You’ll have to play detective to try and find out who he is in a show that’s part theatre, part escape room…

Details: 10th October-11th November | 74 Long Lane, SE1 4AU | £22.50

The Esquire Townhouse with Breitling | Partner Content

The Esquire Townhouse is back. That’s the good news.

Because after two knockout years, it’s become London’s preeminent pop up private members’ club, packing more into just four days than most clubs pack into an entire calendar year. This October, you can expect lounges, bars, screening rooms, talks (from Peter Crouch, Sir Clive Woodward, Christian Louboutin, Krishnan Guru-Murthy and many more), supper clubs, fitness classes, brunches, and a wine tasting from a three Michelin Star restaurant.
And your membership is free. Plus they’re giving Nudge readers 15% off across ALL events with the code NUDGE15. You know what? It’s pretty much all good news.

Details: 11th-14th October | 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, SW1Y 5AH | Free Membership (15% off across all events with the code NUDGE15)

Heist Bank Beer Festival

Paddington’s Heist Bank are holding a wee beer festival, but instead of merely pouring dozens of inventive beers (which they are), they’re also going to have beer games, beer competition, beer bingo, and DJs who, we’re forced to assume, have had some beer.

Details: 12th-14th October | Heist Bank, 5 N Wharf Rd, Paddington, W2 1LA | £15 (incl. 2 beers and a festival glass)

Mermaid Marathon

We can say, with an almost rock-solid certainly that you’ve never been to an event like this before. It’s the UK’s first mermaid marathon, in which teams of tail-clad swimmers will take to the water, and collectively complete 26.2 miles worth of laps. It’s all for charity, and if you want to get involved, all you have to do is sign up. If – for some reason – you don’t have a mermaid tail, you can hire one for a fiver.

Details: 13th October | Tooting Leisure Centre, Greaves Place, SW17 0NE | £10

Tank Party

So, once a year the people at the Camden Brewery take one of their staggeringly large, 60 hectolitre beer tanks, attach a tap to it, and use the beer they pour to fuel a huge street party. It’s called a Tank Party, and this year they’ll have two tanks (one lager, one pale ale) plus street food (Butchies fried chicken, Prairie BBQ, Happy Endings ice cream sandwiches, etc.) and live music.

Details: 13th & 14th October | Camden Town Brewery, Wilkin Street Mews 55-59, NW5 3NN | £10 (incl. 3 pints of tank beer)

Death By Misadventure

Dying of laughter. Swallowing toothpicks. Jumping into volcanoes to prove your own immortality. People have died in some pretty bizarre ways over the centuries, and Robert Stephenson knows pretty much all of them – and he’ll share the best in a hilariously morbid talk this October. It all takes place in a cemetery, and your ticket includes a cocktail…

Details: 14th October | Brompton Cemetery Chapel, Brompton Road, SW10 9UG | £12 (incl. a cocktail)

Last Nights Of Havana

Pre-revolution Cuba was so decadent it literally made the country go communist to try and make up for it. And the people behind LNOH are going to try and channel some of that unfettered indulgence with their pop up. They’re transforming a slice of Tobacco Dock into the more opulent part of ’50s Havana, with a bar filled with palm fronds & rum cocktails; cigar sellers wandering through the crowd; a nightly live Buena Vista-style band; and tons of Cuban street food.

Details: From 19th October | Tobacco Dock, E1W 2SF | £20

RA Lates: Cosmic Ocean

As you’d expect from a cosmic theme, this late-night art party will play host to pretty much everything under the sun, including wild life drawing; exhibition tours; pop up planetariums; talks; DJs; roving art; and performances from Tahitian dance troupes… READ MORE

Details: 20th October Royal Academy, Burlington House, Piccadilly, W1J 0DB From £35

Lady Celeste’s Parisian Rooftop Bar

Another season, another mind-bending theme for the rooftop above the Queen of Hoxton. This time, they’re turning the Wigwam into a small corner of 1900s surrealist Paris, which they’re calling Lady Celeste’s Parisian Rooftop Bar, and it’ll have velvet drapes, cabaret tables, spiked hot chocolate, absinthe fountains, Raclette (from the Little Paris Kitchen), and warming fire pits outside.

Details: From 25th October | Queen of Hoxton, 1 Curtain Rd, EC2A 3JX

Your Halloween Agenda

Halloween is at its most terrifying…

…when you don’t have anywhere to go.

Gives us the heebie jeebies just thinking about it. Mostly because the alternative is being stuck inside, pretending to be out in order to avoid answering the door to the hordes of adorably dressed up, impish sugar-junkies looking for a fix. So it’s a good thing that we’ve lined up the very best things London has to offer this Halloween weekend… READ MORE

Details: The latter stages of October | Across London

Pergola Olympia

As we all know, the Pergola rooftops are gods amongst the pop up bar scene. And now, they’ve finally joined the Olympians. That is, they’ve opened their first ever fully permanent site in West London, on the rooftop of the iconic Olympia Exhibition Centre… READ MORE

Details: Throughout October | Level 5 Rooftop, Olympia Car Park, W14 8UX

Shop Rioja London | Partner Content

Throughout this October, Wines from Rioja is going to be teaming up with a bunch of the capital’s best independent wine merchants (and the odd restaurant) to promote its grape-filled wares via discounts, events, drop-in tastings, giveaways and more. You can expect the likes of a wine throw-down at Salt Yard, pairing two reds & two whites with cheese & charcuterie, then ruthlessly pitting them against each other; a tasting at Borough Market’s iconic Laithwaite’s; and special deals from North London’s Highbury Vinters, and South London’s Streatham Wine House, plus much much more.

Details: Throughout October | Across London


As you know, the original Oktoberfest took place in honour of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig’s marriage to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen  which, like all 19th century festivities, was a vast, beer tented, stein-laden, pretzel & bratwurst-fuelled, dirndl & lederhosen-wearing party that lasted for around a month.

Details: Until 28th Oktober | Olympic Park, E20 2ZQ | £15 entry


HarvestFest at Skylight

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When one door closes, another opens. When you have a rooftop bar in London and the weather starts to get really chilly, add autumnal-themed games like horseshoe throwing & hay bale skittles, plus some seasonal cider & bratwursts, melted cheese from the Raclette Brothers, and a few heated pergolas. And call it HarvestFest.

Details: Throughout October| Tobacco Dock, E1W 2SF | Games £15

Peruse London’s Best Art Galleries

Ever since cavemen graffitied their bedrooms, art has played a key role in our culture. But with so much of it about, it’s hard to know what to look for. One person’s trash is literally another’s Turner award-winning installation. Luckily, the capital curates some of the finest collections on earth, and we’ve created a comprehensive guide to all of them.

It’s time to brush up on the best Art Galleries London has to offer…

Details: Throughout October | Across London

Go To The Best Restaurant In Your Neighbourhood

Petersham Nurseries - best restaurants in London

If we simply wanted to round up the 39 best restaurants in London… we’d just say 40. But we’re not. We’re rounding up the single best restaurant in every London neighbourhood.

Or, at least 39 of them. Selected on the basis of a strict set of criteria, namely 1) supreme deliciousness, 2) a superlative atmosphere and 3) being located somewhere; we’ve picked out each area’s classic, must-visit eatery. It’s the most delicious tour of London you’ve ever been on.

Check out the best restaurants in London.

Details: Throughout October | Across London

Camden Rooftop Cinema Club

The top floor of FEST Camden might not be the highest rooftop in the city…

…but it’s up there.

And the fact that they’re using the space to play a series of killer movies including – this month – The Dark Knight, Kill Bill, Goodfellas, Snatch, and Anchorman. READ MORE

Details: Throughout October | FEST Camden, Stables Market, NW1 8AH | £5-£30

Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures

Returning after a sell-out run, this immersive adventure gives a voice to the unsung heroes of WWII. You’ll be given a true historical identity to adopt, unravelling their story as you weave your way through a maze of authentically decked-out bunkers, encountering characters, solving puzzles and attempting to pass military tests and challenges. Part immersive show, part escape room, part cocktail-laced history lesson, it’s unlike anything else you’ll have encountered…

Details: Throughout October The Biscuit Factory, 100 Clements Road, SE16 4DG From £22.50

Night Tales

things to do in London - pop up London

Night Tales are prepping for the tail end of 2018 by installing a roof (complete with Northern Lights inspired illumination), peppering the space with candles, stoking up a few fires, and making their pop up food shack – Fat Baby – a permentnet restaurant. They’ve even snagged a chef from two Michelin Star Japanese spot Umu. READ MORE

Details: Throughout October | Arches 14 & 15, Bohemia Place, Mare Street, E8 1DU

The Luna Cinema

things to do in London - pop up London

All cinemas wish they were The Luna Cinema. And if they claim it’s anything less than incredible, they’re probably just projecting. After all, The Luna Cinema is so-called because each of its venues (20 in London alone) uses the moon and stars as its ceiling, as well as some of the most iconic landmarks for its surroundings. Which means you can check out screenings of Victoria & Abdul at Kensington Palace (where Queen Victoria was born); The Darkest Hour in the shadow of Parliament itself; plus you can watch The Shape of Water from a boat floating in Brockwell Lido.

Details: Until October 6th | Various locations | £15-£20

Dead Quiet

If you’re wondering why we’re whispering, it’s because this immersive event takes place in a library. In 1962. It comes to us from the people behind the very well-reviewed Silhouette in the Smoke (which takes place in a museum), and involves a secret agent, a model, a drunken vagabond, a bored maths student, a journalist, a librarian, and a cold-blooded murder.

You’ll be put into groups of six, with one person to focus on each suspect, and you’ll have to come together and share clues in order to solve the case…

Details: Saturdays throughout October | Kensington Central Library, 12 Phillimore Walk, W8 7RX | £19

Journey to the Underworld

Starting this weekend, you can go straight to hell. Because the people at Funicular Productions are going to take you there by train. It’s all part of their latest immersive, locomotive-based supperclub experience, and they’ve recruited Masterchef: The Professionals finalist Louisa Ellis to feed you onboard… READ MORE

Details: Until 4th November | Pedley Street Station, Arch 63 Pedley St, E2 6GS | £53

Rent a Hot Tug

things to do in London - pop up London - Hot Tug

Why this has taken so long to happen, we’ll never know. But finally, someone’s had the bright idea of bringing a motorised hot tub boat to the canals of London, where you’ll be able to embark on a 90 minute trip along the waterways from the comfort of your own, self-driven tub – they even offer sailor hats in their upgrade package. And now they also have a dock by Canary Wharf… READ MORE

Details: Throughout October Islington & West India Quay | £225 per trip

Hit the Theatre

Ever since the dawn of time, human beings have gazed at the stars in awe and asked themselves “Where can I get a list of only the absolute best theatre shows playing in London right now – divided into musical, comedy, drama, and immersive categories – in which I can also discover a heap of nearby bars and restaurants to help me make a night of it?” 

Well the answer is… right here: The best of London Theatre right now



Pop Up London - things to do in London

Lucky & Joy

Nomadic supperclub L&J continue to merrily jaunt through the city, this time landing in Hackney’s Bad Sports for the month – you can expect all their classics, like pickled peanuts, Yunnan smashed cucumbers, sesame noodles, cumin lamb ribs, and red tofu marinaded quail.

Details: Throughout October | 184 Hackney Road, E2 7QL

Black Cod & Wagyu

Promising to sell you the ultra-lux foods that make up its name without requiring you to remortgage, BC&W is installing itself in the bar of Soho’s Zelman Meats and slinging both 200g Wagyu steaks and fillets of black cod cooked in miso for a mere £15 each at lunch and £20 at dinner. The room will be decorated with huge fish tanks, and the food will all be served on vintage china.

Details: Throughout October | Zelman Meats, 2 St Anne’s Court, W1F 0AZ

Francis Mallmann at CUT

If you’ve ever seen the Netflix show Chef’s Table, you’ll probably remember the slightly eccentric, bombastic Argentinian chef who went into the forest, caught his own fish and built his own oven out of clay to cook it in. This is Francis Mallmann. And he’s coming to London for three days to cook his own personal favourite dishes. The ovens will be provided courtesy of CUT on Park Lane.

Details: 3rd-5th October | CUT, 45 Park Lane, W1K 1PN | £280 for 6 courses

The Singapore Supper Club

We know – popping down to a supperclub in Singapore this weekend might be a bit of a challenge for you.

But luckily, they’re making it just a little bit easier for you – because three of Singapore’s top Michelin-starred restaurants are joining forces with another trio of the city’s finest watering holes (seriously, they all officially rank among the World’s Best Bars) to bring an incredible series of Singapore Supper Clubs to London this month. Taking over some of London’s most beautiful dining rooms, they’ll each be serving up tasting menus of their most celebrated dishes, ranging from traditional Peranakan (Straits-born Chinese) recipes, to avant-garde French – all accompanied by a flight of carefully-matched cocktails.

Which, happily, is the only flight you’ll need.

Details: 4th-6th October | Across London | From £48pp

Waste No Flavour

WNF is a one-night supperclub with an interesting concept: it’s a four course meal cooked up by chefs The Ingredientists paired with cocktails from the Mixology Brothers – and here’s the twist – the cocktails will all be made using waste ingredients from the food. Hence the fact no flavour will be wasted. And hopefully you won’t be either.

Details: 10th October | Good & Proper Tea, 96A Leather Lane, EC1N 7TX | £65

The Turul Project

One to file under ‘intriguing’, the Turul project has already had one pop up that was apparently quite well received. This sophomore will follow the same lines as the first: Hungarian food paired with fine wines. You can expect everything from Mangalitza (“the Kobe beef of pork”), to the devilishly spiced mushroom ‘Paprikash’.

Come Hungary.

Details: 12th & 13th October | 1 Ethelburga Street, SW11 4AG | £40

Tea Infused Dining Experience

Like tea? You’ll want to bag yourself a seat at this pop supperclub: it comes to us from brew-enthusiasts Eat Drink Steep, who’re putting together a four-courser in which each dish in infused with a different type of leaf. Expect Oolong-brined chicken, genmaicha soup with charred corn, courgette mint fritters, and more.

Details: 18th October | 1 Elthelburga Street, SW11 4AG | £30

Island Social Club

Island Social Club is a collective who seek to explore the cuisine of the Black British diaspora; for this month’s pop up, they’ll be teaming up two excellent female London chefs with backgrounds in Sierra Leone & Jamaica. The dinner will be four course (paired with 4 cocktails), held in TT Liquor, with some thoroughly inventive cross-pollination of continental flavours…

Details: 26th October | at TT Liquor, 17B Kingsland Rd, E2 8AA | £50

Guinea Fowlers

Taking over the kitchen at The Duke’s Head in Highgate, GF are serving guinea fowl in a rainbow of varieties; you can get guinea fowl burgers, guinea fowl BBQ wings, roasted guinea fowl in brioche, fried guinea fowl legs, and more…

Details: Daily throughout October | The Duke’s Head, 16 Highgate High Street, N6 5JG

Oded Oren at Borough Wines & Beers

Oded Oren weekend guide

A rising chef has come to Kensal Rise. Tel Aviv-born Oded Oren has been popping up around town since 2011, last year smashing a residency at Louie Louie (winning the place heaps of praise from critics like Jay Rayner). Now he’s setting up shop in Borough Wines’ Kensal Rise spot, serving up Mediterranean small plates and sharing platters there over the next few weeks.

Details: Until 28th October Borough Wines & Beers, 30 Station Terrace, NW10 5RP

Chambers of Flavour V3

Put together by secret supperclub pioneers Gingerline, the CoF is an absolutely stunning achievement in mind-bending immersion. We took at look at the debut run HERE, but suffice to say, your multi-course meal will start with you being eaten by a gigantic machine, before being whisked through a variety of dimensions, eras, and places as you work through the maze-like space they’ve constructed, course-by-course…

Details: Until 3rd November | A secret location, East London | £50-£70

The Literary Hour

Did you know that in the book Treasure Island, Long John Silver is nicknamed ‘Barbecue’ by his shipmates? Well, the people at book-themed supperclub The Literary Hour did, and they’re using it as the perfect excuse for a Treasure Island themed pop up. They’ll be serving up grog, smoked kid, readings to contextualise each course, and a few of their customary surprises. Best book it.

Details: Until 7th October | A secret location, East London | £49 (£72 with drinks pairings)


It’s probably wise to book in to Plates immediately…

At least, before they smash it.

Coming to you from chef Kirk Haworth and his 15 years of kitchen experience at spots like The French Laundry and Restaurant Sat Bains, it’s a nutrition-focussed, plant-based, pop-up eatery where you’ll be able to score a five course set menu, with dishes like beetroot tartare with fermented berries and fennel pollen; shiitake broth with baked celeriac; and coconut yoghurt with sour apples and cocoa.

Details: Saturdays in October 93 Kingsland Road, E2 8AG £40

London Shell Co. Cruises

things to do in London - pop up London

Unlike their dishes, the London Shell Co. aren’t shellfish. Which is why they’re kindly inviting you to join them aboard their romantic, flower-garlanded canal boat for a series of intimate, seafood-laden dinner cruises along the Regent’s Canal, powered with English ciders and cocktails made with spirits distilled in Britain. And for the harvest season, they’re squeezing in a communal banquet table, poetry readings and a live band. The kitchen isn’t exactly gigantic, leaving the menu a little more limited, but they’re very creative – and if you can see past that, it’s a hell of a good night.

Details: Tuesday-Friday throughout October | Departs from Paddington Central, Sheldon Square, W2 6EP | £55 – 50% off food for the first week of October

POP UP BARS (October 2018)

Pop up London

Dante NYC

Dante is a New York cocktail spot that was recently ranked 16th on the “World’s Best Bars” list – and for a couple of days this October it’ll be coming to London. Quaglino’s, specifically. They’ll be bringing over 10 cocktails from both their Martini and Negroni menus, including their ‘Unlikely Negroni’ which somehow involves banana, Thai chilli, and sesame oil.

Details: Until 2nd October | Quaglino’s, 16 Bury Street, SW1Y 6AJ

Social Beve-Rages Virgin Cocktail Bar

Popping up in a hidden courtyard in Hackney Wick, this cocktail bar will be entirely hangover/alcohol-free. There’ll be a weekly changing menu, but you can expect drinks like their Ruby Booch (fruity Kombucha, green plum press, hibiscus), or their Reserve, which is made over the course of three weeks, using two fermentation methods, with honey, malt, ginger, cinnamon, black tea, anise, and thyme.

Details: Until 2nd October | Courtyard, St Mary of Eton, 20 Eastway, ​E9 5JB


Drinks At Home – Perfected By Patrón | Partner Content

A good bar will always make you feel at home. But Patrón Tequila is taking that very literally for London Cocktail Week, when they create a hidden pop up bar inside a house.

It’ll be tucked away somewhere secret in Hoxton, filled with DJs and expert mixologists plucked from London’s finest bars, including Scout’s Matt Whiley (featured in the prestigious World’s Best Bars list). Your ticket will net you access to every room in the house, plus three specially-designed cocktails…

…on the house. READ MORE

Details: 3rd-5th October | Secret Hoxton Location | £15pp

Dead Rabbit X The Sun Tavern

Dead Rabbit pop up bars

The highly praised, much admired “World’s Best Bar” that is The Dead Rabbit in New York will be taking over the highly praised, much admired “Bethnal Green’s Best Bar” that is The Sun Tavern for one day this October…

Details: 6th October | 441 Bethnal Green Road, E2 0AN

The Cocktail Village

The epicentre of London Cocktail Week, the Cocktail Village will include dozens of pop up bars, and an 11,000 litre capacity cement mixer filled with booze. Nope, we’re not kidding.

Details: 3rd-7th October | The Cocktail Village, Brick Lane, E1 6QL | £10

Hendricks Tini Martini Bar

As a small part of London Cocktail Week, Hendricks will be creating the delightfully diminutive Tini Martini bar. You’ll be welcomed in by a (very real) pygmy goat, handed a Tini Martini Passport, and then begin drinking miniature martinis while playing microscopic games.

Details: 3rd-5th October | Swordtail Studios, 2083 Acton Mews, E8 4DG | £12

Smith & Sinclair’s Multi-Sensory Cocktail Experience

S&S have become quite well known for their inventive & sensory takes on the cocktail, and this workshop will be no different. You’ll eat your cocktails, you’ll inhale them, and you’ll create ones that change colour as you drink them…

Details: 4th & 5th October | MADE HQ, 5 Singer Street, EC2A 4AP | £25

The Midnight Apothecary’s Halloween Spooktacular

In honour of Halloween, Midnight Apothecary are going to redress their rooftop with the following terrifying things: deluxe hot Rum Toddies. Carved pumpkin lanterns. Marshmallows for toasting (over the open fire pits). Apple bobbing. Shivers…

Details: 27th October | The Brunel Museum Rooftop Garden, Railway Avenue, SE16 4LF | £5

The Grid

Black Mirror’s bleakly cynical outlook of the future is enough to drive you to drink. Which makes this new pop up bar rather convenient. It’s called The Grid, and it’s coming to us from the people behind the fantastic ABQ London. Inspired by Charlie Brooker’s show, it’s an immersive experience set in a future dominated by artificial intelligence. You’ll play a member of The Grid; a secret society of individuals working to safeguard humanity’s future against machines. Your job will be to infiltrate the NeoSight, the company responsible for the AI …and crush the system by drinking a buttload of cocktails.

Details: Throughout October | Bankside Arches, 2 Robinson Road, SE1 8BU | £35

The Brig

The Brig proudly proclaims itself to be “London’s smallest bar”. Thankfully, by that they mean narrow small, rather than Honey I Shrunk The Kids small. It’s housed in Merchant House over in Bow Lane and you can book it by the hour, for up to 4 people with your own private bartender, and all drinks included in the price.

Details: Throughout October | 8 Bride Court, EC4Y 8DU | £50 per hour

Cocktails Ahoy!

pop up London - things to do in London

Take a jaunt down the river on a cocktail cruise – the Alfred Le Roy is a classic little canalboat with space for 40 punters aboard, plus one cocktail bar, some Neal’s Yard Cheese, charcuterie, E5 Bakehouse artisan breads, and more. Voyages will depart from Hackney Wick, and sail lazily down the River Lea.

Details: Weekends throughout October | Canalside, Queen’s Yard, E9 5EN | £26

Main image: Pergola Olympia

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