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Jason Allen 29/09/22

Your October Agenda


As months go, it’s a 10.

And a few of its highlights include jazz in an atmospheric seventeenth century cellar; a demonstration of how to spend a trillion dollars & build a fusion machine; an evening of absinthe drinking & palm reading; some gravity defying dances & Siberian marching bands right in the middle of town; a ’20s steam train that takes you on a journey to a pop up cinema; a truly immersive experience that will all but bathe you in great works of art; a late-night supperclub that goes on until dawn the next day; a cocktail festival (with not one but four cocktail villages)…

…and a lobster telephone.





how the light gets in

HowTheLightGetsIn is, apparently, the world’s largest philosophy and music festival. And we can believe it when you see just how many mind-bending & thoroughly entertaining events they’re stuffing into their magnificent, bunting-strewn micro-village of tents, stages, al fresco areas, pop-up bars and street food stalls on Hampstead Heath… (it’s over 200, FYI).

Details: 1st & 2nd October | Kenwood House, Hampstead Lane, Highgate, NW3 7JR | £28+

London Month of the Dead

London Month of the Dead has been resurrected. The annual series returns for the month of October with a line-up of nearly fifty mysterious and macabre events to choose from, many of which take place within the city’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ Victorian cemeteries themselves (and none of which involve knocking on strangers’ doors and demanding sweets). Expect twilight strolls, fascinating talks, ethereal events, and more…

Details: 1st-31st October | Across London

Backyard Cinema

Backyard Cinema have launched their latest gorgeously seasonal immersive set-dressing for their latest extraordinary pop up.

This year? You’ll begin your journey, appropriately, on a train platform, ready to take a mystical journey towards the top of the world inside the carriages of a ’20s-style steam train before arriving at your destination: an enchanted forest of towering, snow-topped trees lit up by twinkling stars, and the green glow of The Northern Lights. That is, the cinema. And this is all before the film starts. And yes, the journey continues after it finishes too. And yes, Nudge Members are getting 50% off tickets for the first three weeks (1st-23rd October).

Details: 1st October until mid-December | 2-4 Armoury Way, Wandsworth Town, SW18 1SH

Jazz in the Cellars

Banger Factory at Brunswick House

Brunswick House is a gorgeous, antique-filled restaurant in Vauxhall run by chefs Jackson & Frank Boxer. And underneath it, they just so happen to have an atmospheric seventeenth century cellar, which they’re taking advantage of by putting on live jazz every Tuesday night. They’ll kick off on October 4th (running until the end of November), and the sessions will all be headed up by the inimitable Mark Kavuma & The Banger Factory…

Details: 4th October – November 31st (Tuesday evenings) | Brunswick House, 30 Wandsworth Rd, SW8 2LG | Walk-ins only

BFI London Film Festival: Expanded

VR movies are coming into their own right now. This new strand of film-making is becoming increasingly popular as the technology matures into something that feels accessible, smooth and, well, real. And it just so happens that you can experience it for yourself on the South Bank this October during the BFI London Film Festival, where among other things you’ll be able to explore the ocean (as a VR whale) and wander through an infinite, highly unusual library…

Details: 5th – 16th October | The Southbank

Stranger Sings

Stranger Sings

If Stranger Sings sounds like a parody musical of Stranger Things then …that’s because it’s precisely what it is. And sure, it’s not some lah-di-dah ‘official’ production, but it’s not just some slip-shod novelty project either – it’s already debuted in New York and has swept up over half a dozen awards (inducing Best New Musical) at the Off Broadway Awards. The reviews of the show say that while it’s not perfect, it is extremely funny, heartfelt, and clearly enamoured with the show. And it’s hitting the appropriately Upside Down-ey Vaults this month…

Details: 5th October 2022 until 15th January 2023 | The Vaults, Leake Street, Waterloo SE1 7NN | £30-£39, or Pay What You Can (Weds & Sun)

Dance Umbrella

The Dance Umbrella is opening up once more. For those who haven’t been keeping a keen finger on the pulse of the international contemporary dance festival scene over the last few years, Dance Umbrella is an international contemporary dance festival. It actually started way back in 1978, and since then it’s had over a million punters soaking up bleeding-edge choreography performed by hundreds of dancers from dozens of countries. It’s a genuinely well-run operation, and their standards are extremely high. And now it’s back…

Details: 7th-23rd October | Across London



You want to talk about immersive art? Well, at frameless they’re promising to basically bathe you in great works of art, thanks to a Marble Arch gallery boasting 30,000 square feet of space which will have its walls, floors, ceilings, and punters all covered in high definition projections of famous & iconic works. They’re promising 479 million pixels delivered by a million lumens of light, as well as a score of classical and contemporary music played over 158 surround-sound speakers. And, to be fair, we’re not sure just what a lot of those figures mean in context. Honestly, they could have said anything, but we’ll go ahead and assume that it’s all probably quite impressive to experience…

Details: Opens 7th October | 6 Marble Arch, W1H 7AP | £25

Mexico After Hours at Kew

This October, Kew Gardens are tipping their horticultural hats towards Mexico with a new showcase in the only place currently as hot as Latin America: the Temperate House. Inside the sweltering tropical greenhouse you’ll find artistic & botanical installations throughout – and for a select few dates this month, they’re also throwing a few Lates, with live performances from the Crick Crack Club and Mandinga Arts, plus cooking demos from Santo Remedio annnd a whole load of cocktails.

Details: 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th October | The Temperate House, Kew Gardens | £15-£19

Storytelling in a Toy Museum by Night

The idea of a chilling ghost story being told in Pollock’s thoroughly old fashioned Victorian toy museum at night already scores about a 9.0 on the freak-out-o-meter. Then there’s the fact that professional storyteller Virginia Woolfe will be very deliberately trying to haunt your dreams with her story The Yellow Marble, and makes sure to point out that it’s strictly over 18s, and is “not suitable for people of a nervous disposition”. But don’t worry, the mug of mulled wine you get at the start ought to take the edge off …right?

Details: 8th October | Pollock’s Toy Museum, 1 Scala Street, W1T 2HL | £20

Classic Car Boot Sale

The Classic Car Boot Sale is essentially the city’s biggest, briefest vintage market, selling old-school threads, music, and bric-a-brac from a parade of beautiful vintage motors. It’s like a shop and a museum smooshed together. So if you’re planning driving there, just make sure to park around the corner.

Details: 8th & 9th October | Granary Square, Kings Cross, N1C 4AA | £5

New Scientist Live

If you’re going to visit a scientist, it’s better to make them a new, live one than the alternative. And the New Scientist Live certainly doesn’t disappoint – the exhibition will take place in the vast ExCel centre, and will involve all manner of beguilingly interesting talks & demos. Want to know what the world’s biggest number is? Find out how to spend a trillion dollars? Build a fusion machine? See what space smells like? Pilot a virtual drone? Take a VR rollercoaster ride? Then this is your place…

Details: 8th & 9th October | ExCeL London, Royal Victoria Dock, 1 Western Gateway, E16 1XL | £42

Absinthe Drinking & Palm Reading at the Last Tuesday Society

The devilishly macabre crew at the Last Tuesday Society have created their own absinthe distillery – London’s first, apparently – and called it Devil’s Botany. And this month they’re inviting people in to have a glass of the green stuff in their absinthe parlour, and then get their palm read…

Details: 11th October | The Last Tuesday Society, 11 Mare Street, E8 4RP | £16


Gaia is a 7m-wide scale replica of the Earth created using detailed NASA imagery by artist Luke Jerram, which has been touring the world for several years now. And this month? It’ll be landing in a 125-year old cathedral above a group of Ronnie Scott’s musicians performing spine-tingling sets of live jazz. All for free.

Details: 11th-30th October | Southwark Cathedral, SE1 9DA | Free

A Victorian Mummy Unrolling Demonstration

Yes, you’ll get to see a mummy unraveled before your eyes, just as it would have happened in the golden age of ancient Egyptian corpse-stripping: the Victorian Era. Not only will the whole event take place in Europe’s oldest surgical theatre, but the man doing the unrolling (noted Egyptologist John J Johnston) will play out the entire event as if it were the year 1898.

Details: 12th October | Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret, 9a St Thomas Street, SE1 9RY | £25


Head into the Montgomery Square in Canary Wharf this October, and you’ll see three shipping containers neatly lined up. Inside each of them, there’s a short, punchy, and reasonably priced experimental piece of theatre from a collective called Darkfield. And trust us, they’re thinking very much outside the box. The idea is to make the experiences quick (20-30mins), intense, and deeply immersive – in fact, they almost all take place in the pitch black, with headphones piping binaural sounds into your ear canals so as to create an uncanny sense of three dimensional space…

Details: 12th-23rd October | Montgomery Square, Canary Wharf, E14 | £10+

1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair

‘1-54’ refers to the 54 countries that makes up the 1 content of Africa, and this showcase of art reflects the ways you can find unity in such extreme diversity. Returning to Somerset House for the 10th year, you’ll get to see works from 50 international exhibitors with a refreshingly large number of them coming from the African continent itself (17 this year) as opposed to Western galleries who simply carry African art. Expect painting, sculpture, mixed media, installations, talks, screenings, performances, workshops, readings, and basically a continents-worth of stuff…

Details: 13th-16th October | Somerset House, Strand, WC2R 1LA | £25 (£10 conc.)

Bloomsbury Festival

This year’s Bloomsbury Festival will see a healthy lineup of events across the neighbourhood, starting with gravity-defying dances and Siberian marching bands, then moving onto tarot-card concerts, silent calligraphy, Dancing Chopin, and more…

Details: 13th-23rd October | Across Bloomsbury

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

It seems like the last year was enough to cause the world’s wildlife photographers to snap.

And the best of those snaps will be on show at the World Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards. Now in its 58th year (!), the judges have trawled through tens of thousands of entries from 100+ countries before landing on the winning images, which will be displayed on special lightboxes (alongside dozens of runner-up shots) throughout the Natural History Museum’s gallery when the show opens this month…

Details: From 14th October | The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, SW7 5BD | £17

Objects of Desire: Surrealism and Design 1924 – Today

© Salvador Dalí, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí.

‘Keep it real’ would have been terrible advice for Salvador Dali.

But as the century’s most influential surrealist, the Design Museum are most certainly keeping it real, and including a great deal of his designs in their new exhibition on the mind-bending art movement. You’ll also see objects from the likes of classic artists including Dora Maar, Man Ray, and Lee Miller, all the way through to contemporary artists and designs, such as Schiaparelli, Dior, Björk.

Details: 14th October – 19th February 2023 | The Design Museum, 224-238 Kensington High Street, W8 6AG | £16.80

London Literature Festival

If you can read this, then you’ll probably be into the London Literature Festival. It’s taking place at the Southbank Centre over an eleven-day stretch of late October, and you can expect everyone from Graham Norton to Greta Thunberg putting on talks, debates, performances, masterclasses, readings, and livestreams…

Details: 21st – 31st October | Southbank Centre | Belvedere Road, SE1 8XX

Only An Octave Apart

Only An Octave Apart combines the vocal talents of Justin Vivian Bond (an acclaimed singer-songwriter, actor, and cabaret artiste par excellence) and Anthony Roth Costanzo, who is a globally revered countertenor (that’s right, amongst the rarest of all the operatic ranges – the one with the hiiiiiigh notes). Together, the pair have an easy rapport, clearly revelling in one another’s company, as they take their audience on a musical journey combining the theatricality of cabaret with the power of opera…

Details: Until 22nd October | Wilton’s Music Hall, Graces Alley, E1 8JB | £21 – £40

The Houseplant Festival at the Garden Museum

The Houseplant Festival will provide you with allll your houseplant related needs, short of an actual house. Not only can you buy a rainforests-worth of lush greenery, but you can also take part in a plant swap, learn the basics of propagation, build your own terrarium, hear from the head gardener at The Barbican Conservatory, and more.

Details: 22nd & 23rd October | The Garden Museum, Lambeth Palace Road, SE1 7LB | £7

Ultimate Power: Bat Out Of Halloween

Karaoke is fun. Karaoke with hundreds of other people simultaneously singing power ballads at the top of their lungs is closer to a religious experience. And this Ultimate Power event is going to have all the MeatLoaf, Bonnie Tyler, and Bon Jovi you can shake a cassette at. Bring your air instruments and throat sweets.

Details: 28th October | 229, Great Portland St, W1W 5PN | £13+

The Candlelight Club Halloween Party

candlelight club halloween 2021

The Candlelight Club is ordinarily completely candlelit. Hence the name. Only on the Halloween weekend, those candles will be housed in pumpkins, there will be fortune telling, spooky burlesque, creepy live music, witchy DJs, and more to join them…

Details: 28th & 29th October | A secret location | £27.50+

Hallyu! The Korean Wave

Hallyu! The Korean Wave

Hallyu (it’s pronounced ‘한류’) refers to the overwhelming wave of South Korean culture that’s swept over the world in the past couple of decades – from K-Pop to kimchi, from Squid Game to Samsung, Korea’s influence has become almost inescapable. And the V&A’s new show is here to explore it all via 200 objects variously pulled from the post-war rubble of the 1950s, plucked from the lavish plenty of the present day, and scoured from everything in between.

Details: Until June 2023 | The V&A, Cromwell Road, SW7 2RL | £20

Frieze Sculpture 2022


Pepper, Curvae in Curvae, 2012, edition 2 of 3 – George Tatge

For the 10th year now Frieze Sculpture is turning the English Gardens in Regent’s Park into “a museum without walls” by filling the place with sculptures from 19 of the biggest names in modern art. This year, the display features large-scale works by artists including John Giorno, Ro Robertson and Ugo Rondinone (in the sculpture world, they’re like the Beatles), and it’s all completely free to explore.

Details: Until 13th November | Regent’s Park | Free

Musicals By Candlelight

Musicals by candlelight

Musicals by Candlelight? It’s guaranteed that something will be wick-ed. And it’s a guarantee you’ll probably have a rousing, entertaining, and occasionally moving time, too – at least if the idea of a string quartet playing iconic compositions from some of the most legendary songwriters in the game (Sondheim, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Lloyd Webber, etc) in a 400 yer old church, all while bathed in the warm, yellow light of hundreds of flickering candles sounds good to you…

Details: Until 23rd December | The Actor’s Church, Bedford St, WC2E 9ED | £15

Astronomy Photographer of the Year

Depending on what kind of stars you like seeing photos of, you should either A) buy a copy of Hello!, or B) go to the Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition at the Maritime Museum, where you can see shimmering constellations, vast galaxies, mesmerising eclipses, and feel a sense of genuine awe wash over you as you’re confronted with the sheer vastness of the universe we live in.

We recommend the latter.

Details: Throughout October | National Maritime Museum, Romney Rd, SE10 9NF | £10

Hidden Figures

hidden figures

Fancy seeing some Hidden Figures in a crypt? Not in a creepy way – it’s the return of 2018’s hit immersive show celebrating the unsung heroes of WW2. For its second run, it’s made its home in a brand new dedicated immersive space based in the crypt of an 18th century church in Bethnal Green, which the creators have converted into a Blitz-era bar and wartime bunker where you’ll solve puzzles, interact with performers and uncover your character’s true story as the night unfolds. Combining entertainment with real history, it’s unlike anything else you’ll have encountered…

Details: Until the end of 2022 | St. Peter’s Church Crypt, St Peter’s Close, Bethnal Green, E2 7AE £30

Peaky Blinders: The Rise

The people behind everyone’s favourite WWI-era Birmingham gangster show – including Steve Knight, the man who created it to begin with – have opened on an official Peaky Blinders immersive experience. And no, it’s not in Birmingham. You’ll find it in Camden Market. Which will be dressed up just like Birmingham, complete with its own version of the betting shop in Small Heath, The Garrison pub, and the bakery too. Read our full review of Peaky Blinders: The Rise

Details: Throughout October | Horse Tunnel Market, Stables Market, NW1 8AH | £52-£72

Take In An Exhibition

This month London’s art galleries and museums are awash with treats for the eyes, ears and mind, including gigantic diamonds; a Munch retrospective (turns out he wasn’t just a one-hit wonder); squashed tubas and a very interactive jaunt into the world of ASMR. See London’s Best Exhibitions

Go To The Theatre

Upstart Crow

You may laugh. You may cry. You may throw up, or potentially do all three. This month at the theatre, you can catch tragic lovers, hilarious Shakespeare, and some immersive mystery…  See The Best Shows On At The Theatre Now




Decatur X Sonora Taqueria Tailgate Party

Decatur and Sonora Taqueria are already two of the most popular pop up restaurateurs in the city, so by combining their powers, they’re likely to create some kind of ultimate food Voltron. It’s all in honour of the New Orleans Saints who’ll be playing a game of American football in London that weekend. In the US, they’d throw a tailgate party, so that’s precisely what we’re getting here: expect tacos, gumbo, seafood boils, cocktails, beer, sweet pies, and more…

Details: 1st October, 12pm-6pm | Arch 144 Tilbury Road, Leyton, E10 6RE

New Kids on the Stove

There’s a new season from The New Kids on the Stove, in which hot talents will be matched with cold beers, and given a one-night platform at the Hoxton Southwark to show the city what they got. First on the docket is Ana Da Costa (aka @_lotsofbutter, aka the brains behind Two Hot Asians) who’s going to be gracing us with an inventive Chinese-Portuguese menu to match her mixed heritage.

Details: 4th October | Albie, 40 Blackfriars Road | £45

Adejoké Bakare at Quality Wines

Quality Wines meet quality cooking at this fortnight-long collaboration. Adejoké Bakare is the star chef behind Brixton’s much-lauded Chishuru, and she’ll be taking over Farringdon’s eminent wine bar and small plates resto while chef Nick Bramham’s on his hols. She’s serving up a set menu of mouthwatering West African dishes, and there’ll be all the usual top-notch wines on offer to go with it.

Details: Wed-Sat until 8th October Quality Wines, 88 Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3EA

Cerealia at Great Guns Social

Cerealia is an all-vegan supperclub run by chef Poppy O’Sullivan, who also moonlights as Angela Hartnett’s chef de partie. At Great Guns Social this month she’ll be celebrating the flavours of autumn, meaning you’ll get five courses of pekin angolotti, wine-poached pears, and more.

Details: 8th October | Great Guns Social, 96 Southwark Bridge Road, SE1 0EF | £42

Mamapen at E5 Bakehouse – The Five-Point Palm Technique

“Five courses. Eaten with your fists.”

That’s the list of Mamapen’s new pop up at E5 Bakehouse. It’s a largely Cambodian affair, stretching from flatbread with drunken sauce, to royal Khmer chicken tacos, fist noodles with honey porkbelly & shrimp, and sourdough doughnuts with mango curd.

Details: 11th October | E5 Bakehouse Arch 395 Mentmore Terrace, E8 3PH | £45

Norman’s Cafe at Seed Library

Norman’s Cafe? Great. Seed Library? Great. Norman’s Cafe AND Seed Library put together? Drumroll please: also great. Yes, the menu at the esteemed Shoreditch cocktail joint has been taken over by everyone’s new favourite café. Although seeing the greasy spoon vibes of Norman’s chip butties meet the high art cocktails of Seed Library’s Red Dandelion Negronis is vaguely surreal…

Details: Until 21st November | Seed Library, 100 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JQ

The Rocky Horror Bloodshot Supperclub

The Bloodshot Supperclub is not your average, ordinary, everyday, ho-hum, run of the mill, garden variety supperclub.

In fact, it’s barely even a supperclub at all. It’s more like a raucous, loud, buzzing party wrapped in the clothes of a supperclub. Each one starts with cocktails at midnight, and ends with dessert that basically counts as breakfast the next day. In between, you’ll get a lineup of some of the best chefs in the city plying you with course after course of excellent food, seemingly endless bottles of wine, surprise guests (anything from burlesque shows to contortionists), live music, and an atmosphere of unfettered merriment. And this month? It’s themed after Rocky Horror, and fancy dress is compulsory..

Details: 29th October | Bermondsey Larder, Bermonds Locke, 153-157 Tower Bridge Road, SE1 3LW | £110

HoKo Cafe

The HoKo Cafe is run by a team of very homesick Hong Kong ex-pats, who slake their thirst for their former island home with milk tea, a secret blend of Ceylon tea leave poured through a ‘silk stocking’ strainer, and amped up with evaporated & condensed milk. It’s quite something. And you can get a luxuriant slice of French toast, some perfectly caramelised char siu BBQ pork, and plenty more at their Brick Lane pop up…

Details: Until 20th November | 224 Brick Lane, E1 6SA | Walk-ins only

Retan at Louie Louie

Retan is a shared project between chef Josh Dallaway and somm Cameron Dewar, who collectively have created a roving Parisian bistro that’s been making its way around London’s finest kitchens (The Laughing Heart, Crispin, Legare, etc.). Now, they’re settling into Louie Louie for a three month stretch filled with aged beef tartar & seaweed relish, salted pollack with kohlrabi, and chocolate crèmeux with sherry caramel & smoked cream for dessert. And the kicker? It’s just £45 for four courses.

Details: Until the end of 2022 | 347 Walworth Rd, SE17 2AL | £45

Rajiv’s Kitchen

rajivs kitchen

Another rising star hits the Sun & 13 Cantons pub in Soho this month: Rajiv’s Kitchen has been drawing punters from far and wide over the last five years of pop ups and supperclubs, and now he’s settling in for a long-term residency. Expect mouthwatering Nepalese fare, from thaali to his signature chilli momos (dumplings), alongside the pub’s lengthy line-up of beers on tap.

Details: Throughout October Sun & 13 Cantons, 21 Great Pulteney Street, London, W1F 9NG

Dollars at Rondo La Cave

dollars rondo la cave

Andrei Soen from Singaporean eatery Park Bench Deli will be the next chef to take up the reins at residency-led wine bar Rondo La Cave. Inspired by American delis, his new outfit Dollars specialises in doorstopper sandwiches with top-quality ingredients – you can expect crispy fried chicken with pickle; braised beef belly with salsa verde; and a world-class take on the Philly Cheesesteak, with beef rump, sautéed onions, roasted bell peppers and plenty of cheese. So it’ll probably go well with all the wine…

Details: Throughout October | Underneath The Hoxton, 199-206 High Holborn, WC1V 7BD

Darjeeling Express at The Pembroke

Asma Khan is a legend. She became a household name after appearing on Chef’s Table, and ever since, her Kolkatan restaurant (run by a crack team of ‘housewives’) has drawn queues round the block and visitors from around the world (including one Paul Rudd). Her success has been so vast, in fact, that she’s actually had to close the restaurant while she looks for bigger premises – but in the meantime, thankfully, you can get a taste of her cooking at this Chelsea pub…

Details: Until 30th November | The Pembroke, 261 Old Brompton Rd, SW5 9JA Book here

Happy Endings

Katie Wilson

The cult ice cream outfit are finally getting their own happy ending – after years of supplying restos & shops with their frozen treats, they’ve landed not one but two dedicated pop-ups. Find them outside Pavilion café in Victoria Park and the serving hatch outside Goddard & Gibbs, where they’re doling out soft serve from their double flavour twist machines alongside their classic ice cream sandwiches, banana splits and sundaes.

Details: Thurs-Sun (12-7pm) at Pavilion Cafe, Victoria Park, Old Ford Road, London E9 7DE | Tues-Sun (12-10pm) at 100 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JQ

Mondo Sandwiches at The White Horse

mondo sandwiches

Just when we were thinking that Peckham needed more sandwich shops, the absolute king sarnie slingers Mondo Sandwiches announced that they were popping up at The White Horse in Peckham. Not just that, but head chef Jack Macrae has knocked up some shiny newbies for the occasion. We’re talking char-grilled chicken tikka thigh and a punchy Thai vegan number, not to mention the most intense rosy rare beef sandwich we’ve ever seen, served with its own gravy dipping sauce. And it’s not just ’wiches you’ll find either…. Also on the menu are their legendary smash-patty burgers and one hell of a Sunday roast.

Details: Available daily | The White Horse, 20-22 Peckham Rye, London, SE15 4JR

Lucky Buns at Carousel

Lucky Buns at Carousel

Carousel’s long-term residency spot at No.23 has just got Lucky Buns. If you haven’t heard of them, that’s probably because this is their first time in the UK; the brand has spent most of its existence seducing the east coast of America with its fat, patty-stacked burgers, blazingly hot friend chicken, and Hawaiian-style, gravy loaded fries. And now you can get them too…

DetailsTues-Sun throughout October | 23 Charlotte Street, W1T 1RL





Yes it’s Oktober, which means we’re getting a deluge of Oktoberfests across the city. Starting right at the top of the month, you can head down to Wunderbar at Pergola Paddington for massive steins and an oomph band; Between the Bridges for some Massaoke; Oktoberfest South London for traditional leg wooden tables; Spritland for three-courses of Bavarian bounty; Camden Oktoberfest for bratwursts and live music; and the Blackhorse Beer Mile for, uh, a little exercise.

Details: Throughout October | Across London

London Cocktail Week

Technically, this isn’t a pop up bar. It’s several dozen pop up bars. What started with a few events back when LCW launched back in 2010 has now expanded to include four separate cocktail villages across the city, as well as all manner of immersive experiences, tastings, masterclasses, and more. Snag a wristband, and you’ll get access to all of them, as well as discounts across the city…

Details: 13th-23rd October | Across London | £12.50-£15

Midnight Apothecary Halloween Spooktacular

midnight apothecary halloween london

Apothecaries already sound kind of spooky. Midnight Apothecaries, doubly so. And for this Halloween special, the botanical cocktail gardeners on the roof of the Brunel Museum will be throwing incredibly carved pumpkin lanterns, cobwebs, firepits, complimentary toasted marshmallows, ghoulish cocktails, and “strange blue fire” into the mix.

Details: 28th & 29th October | The Brunel Museum Rooftop Garden, Railway Avenue, SE16 4LF | £8+


So far, Dalston café Snackbar has been great on the snacks, and a little lighter on the bar. But that’s changing this month when Adam Caddy (ex-Quo Vadis and Brasserie Zedel) takes over on Thursday-Saturday evenings with his new pop-up bar, Adam’s. Created in response to the loss of LGBTQ+ spaces in the city, it’ll be an inclusive bar serving up classic cocktails, Two Tribes brews and a short-but-sweet wine list across the minimalist café spaces and the leafy, fairy-lit garden.

Details: Thursday – Saturday evenings throughout October Snackbar, 20 Dalston Lane, E8 3AZ

Amie Wine Studio

Eccleston Yards is a lovely place at any time of year, but in the late summer, when life can spill out into the courtyard itself, it’s particularly nice. And it’s now the home to the first ever pop up from Aime Wine Studio, who’re going all-out on their debut with something that’s part bar, part wine shop, and part gallery…

Details: Throughout October | Eccleston Yards, SW1W


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