The Sea, The Sea, Hackney


The Sea, The Sea is About to Repeat Itself

The Sea, The Sea is about to repeat itself.

The vaunted restaurant-slash-fishmonger in Chelsea has decided to open a second venue in Hackney this July, right next to Regent’s Canal. And by the looks of things, it’ll be quite a unique space.

It’s going to be housed in a huge railway arch, much like Berber & Q next door, only bigger. And all that space will be used first and foremost as a fish processing facility (like a fishmonger, but bigger) and a product development lab, with a view to adding in restaurant counter to pour all those ideas & swimmers into. That counter will have a view over all the operations, and is going to be manned by current head chef Leo Carreira, who aims to make it “bold and progressive” in its choices.

The Sea, The Sea Hackney

Having already established relationships with day boat fishermen down in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset, they’re buying fish direct from the boats, then hoisting them into their own vans to drive up to Hackney each day. There, they’ll be scrubbed, scaled, filleted, de-boned, and variously prepped to be either sent to another lucky restaurant, or straight to the counter. There’ll be tanks of shellfish, crates of seaweed, and whatever the suitable container is for gooseneck barnacles & their cousins, like a briny Willy Wonka.

And as for the more experimental parts? Well, for one they’re going to be dehydrating and dry aging a lot of their fish, much like a steak. They’ve been practicing the art at their Chelsea venue, and they aim to perfect it here. All in all, the plan is – according to founder Alex Hunter – to make the place something between an “art installation, restaurant, laboratory and factory”.

However it turns out, it’s sure to make some waves.


NOTE: The Sea, The Sea, Hackney is set to open in late July, with the dining counter following in September. We’ll be back then with the full scoop. In the meantime, you can find out more at their website right HERE.

The Sea, The Sea, Hackney | 337 Acton Mews, E8 4EA

Looking for some meat? Check out Berber & Q around the corner.

The Sea, The Sea, Hackney

337 Acton Mews, Hackney, E8 4EA

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