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Hattie Lloyd 01/12/16

Bingo and Burlesque

Bingo and Burlesque | Hoxton Arches

Bingo is generally pretty B9.

But this particular evening is just a teeny bit racier.

You see, Grotto Outré, the team renowned for their alternative and ever so slightly kinky Christmas pop ups are back again, following last year’s Ice Caves installation in Shoreditch. And in an apparent bid to prove they can make literally anything sexy, this year they’re inviting you to enjoy two hitherto unrelated past-times: bingo and burlesque.

Hopefully, only one of which involves two fat ladies.

Accompanying your maitre d’ for the evening, magician Danny Hall, will be a cast of weird and wonderful wintry performers; from provocative burlesque acts and contortionism, to a fire-eating Santa Claus.

Those other 364 days of the year can get preeeetty lonely.

Hoxton’s arches, meanwhile, will have been transformed into the Grotto’s festive Fire Caves, where you’ll enter a totally immersive set to find last year’s Mr. Cheer’s estranged brother, Miss Fear proferring welcome drinks, a food stall from House of Vans resident caterers, Cult, and a reindeer training zone – which, in the world of Grotto Outré, obviously translates to close-up performances by dancers, acrobats and fire breathers.

This is bingo…with balls.

NOTE: Bingo and Burlesque will be taking place on 6th, 10th and 13th December. Tickets start at £20 + a booking fee and can be purchased HERE.

Bingo and Burlesque | 402 Cremer Street, E2 8HD

Image Credit: Flickr / Leonardo Drahorad (edited)

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Bingo and Burlesque

Bingo & Burlesque, 402 Cremer Street, Hoxton, East London, E2 8HD