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Time Run

Time Run | The Lance of Longinus

Updated 25/04/18Sadly Time Run has now closed. Sad face.

“She Sells Seashells By The Seashore”.

This seems like a misguided business venture to us, launched without its owner having given the slightest regard to the basic economic concept of supply and demand. Because rather than try to sell seashells to a bunch of people standing on a beach covered in free seashells, what she should have done is moved to London and offered people something they couldn’t get anywhere else.

Perhaps something like Time Run, an elaborate, cinematic ‘Escape the Room’ adventure in East London.

Brought to you by the guy who invented Winterwell Festival and Swingers Crazy Golf Club, it’s basically a 60-minute race through history: an immersive, cinematic universe of time realms and ingenuity-testing puzzles in which you’ll race to retrieve a mysterious artefact before time runs out. Instructed by Edwardian adventurer Luna Fox and her robotic assistant Babbage, you and your team’ll work against the clock to try and escape from a series of locations by solving a variety of puzzles and challenges, unlocking surprising stories across the breadth of time as you go.

It’s described by its creators as “an evolution of the Escape The Room format, which – in providing a richer and deeper immersive, cinematic experience than is available anywhere else, and in offering you an opportunity to truly become the protagonist in your own adventure – is genuinely unique”.

Seashell lady, take note.

Updated 25/04/18Sadly Time Run has now closed. Sad face.

NOTE: Tickets for Time Run: The Lance of Longinus can be brought HERE. The run finishes on April 25th 2018.

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Carpe Diem!

Time Run

Luna's Laboratory, 9 Helmsley Place, London Fields, The City and East London, E8 3SB

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