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Sodo Deptford

There’s sourdough pizza…

…and then there’s Sodo pizza.

What started out as a project between four friends over a decade ago has thrived and multiplied, much like the mother yeast that goes into their famously light sourdough. Now, the team are turning out some of the best pizza in London across restaurants in Bethnal Green, Clapton, Walthamstow, Hammersmith, Hoxton – and here in Deptford.

Sat plum on the high street, the pizzeria sports a growing jungle of plants, with bare plaster and corrugated iron sheet along the walls and a maze of industrial bulbs festooning the low ceiling. But despite – or maybe thanks to – the humble trappings of the place, it’s regularly packed out and full of good cheer. And round the back, there’s a suntrap terrace where you can while away the afternoon with a decently-priced bottle of wine.

sodo deptford terrace

You can whet your appetite with some classic aperitivi like negronis and spritzes, but you won’t have long to wait till the main event. The secret to these pizzas is all down to the ingredient sourcing, most of which comes from local producers – even the grains for the dough are milled on site in their Walthamstow pizzeria. In fact, the only thing that’s not so local is their sourdough starter, a heritage yeasty boy which apparently has its origins in 19th century Lapland. And apparently those guys knew what they were doing, because here it gives rise to a tangy base that’s not too puffy, which means you leave feeling like you can get on with the rest of your day without immediately succumbing to a food coma.

sodo pizza

Top quality Isle of Wight tomatoes and British-made mozzarella come as standard on pretty much everything (though you can always ask to go vegan), while the guest stars include ‘nduja, pepperoni & chilli honey; goat’s cheese, walnut & truffle oil; artichoke, olive & gorgonzola; and more. And on weekends, they offer a brunch menu with more forenoon-friendly toppings like eggs & pancetta, alongside baked eggs bubbling with ‘nduja, artichoke and scamorza pinched from the evening menu.


NOTE: Sodo Deptford is open Tuesday – Saturday. You can make a reservation (especially recommended on weekends) HERE.

Sodo Deptford | 144a Deptford High Street, SE8 3PQ

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Sodo Deptford

144a Deptford High Street, Deptford, SE8 3PQ

020 7018 1080

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