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Jason Allen 08/09/23

Draughts x The Nudge: An Afternoon Of Casual Gaming

Draughts x The Nudge | An Afternoon Of Casual Gaming

PLEASE NOTE: This event has taken place.

So, this may sound like an insane idea, but hear us out.

We’re holding a casual afternoon games session for Nudge Members in which you can drop by with a plus one, meet other like-minded Londoners, then have a few drinks and play a few boardgames at a beautiful little spot in East London. The idea is to help make Nudge Membership into more of a community, and to create a low-key, thoroughly enjoyable social gathering.

Like we said, it’s crazy… but ideas like this alway involve some Risk.


But if you’re still reading, then hopefully you think it just might work, so here are the details: it’s all going down in Draughts, a lovely, leafy little boardgame cafe in Dalston on Sunday 24th September (2pm until 5pm). Your ticket will net you entry, two welcome drinks (wine, beer, soft drink, single spirit and mixer), and a session playing the multitude of games on offer. It’s Nudge Members plus one, but most of the games are playable for up to 4-5 people, meaning you can hopefully team up and get to know each other.

In case you haven’t been to Draughts, it’s set in an old pie and mash shop on Kingsland High Street. It’s pretty sizeable, and we’ll be taking over both their Art Deco-style Ballroom and leafy green terrace for the event. But the most important part? That would be their collection of hundreds upon hundreds of boardgames, ranging from the modern classics (Settlers of Catan, Cards Against Humanity, Boggle) to the cult (Dixit, Codenames, Ticket To Ride) to games you’ve probably never come across in your life before, like Elevenses, in which you compete with other 1920s socialites to serve the best tea.


And speaking of excellent beverages, the other half of the pun in the name Draughts doesn’t refer to an indoor breeze – they serve pints of craft beer on tap, as well as wine, softs, and a full selection of spirits & mixers. And there’s table service too.

They put on a good game there, too.


NOTE: Draughts x The Nudge will take place on Sunday 24th September (2pm until 5pm). Tickets cost £14 and will include entry & two welcome drinks (wine, beer, soft drink, single spirit and mixer). To book this event, just follow the instructions in the Members’ box at the top of this article. Not a Nudge Member? Sign up for a free trial right here.

Draughts Hackney | 41 Kingsland High Street, E8 2JS

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Draughts x The Nudge

41 Kingsland High Street, Dalston, East London, E8 2JS