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Jason Allen 21/01/20

Explore The Cosmos In An Inflatable Infinity Space

FutureFest 2020 | Welcome To The World Of Tomorrow

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

For instance, we predict that in about two seconds you’ll be thinking about a blue elephant.

See? It works. And this is the rationale employed by Nesta, an ‘innovation foundation’ who exist solely to usher us into a brighter future by supporting the boldest of visions, and answering the biggest of questions – how can the planet sustain us? What will Alexa do with your biggest secrets? And what kind of cool stuff interactive experiences, performances, and talks should we pack into Tobacco Dock this March for FutureFest 2020?

Actually, we can field at least one of those.

For one, there’ll be a pretty impressive lineup of speakers attending, including famed documentary maker Louis Theroux; Richard Ayoade (“writer, director, amateur dentist”); Gail Bradbrook (Co-founder of Extinction Rebellion); and Magid Magid, the Somali-British former Lord Mayor of Sheffield, current MEP, and all-around extraordinary person.

FutureFest 2020

Pictured: The former Lord Mayor of Sheffield

And for two, there’ll be the installations, which will include:

  • Osmo – An “inflatable infinity space” that reproduces the cosmos. It’s basically a gigantic silver sphere of a NASA-made material that protects astronauts from electromagnetic radiation, which will have a “projected universe held within its interior”.
  • Tone of Voice – A comedy show where the comedians on stage will explore the future of advertising by pitching a succession of hilarious, ridiculous, and terrifyingly realistic ideas.
  • Binaural Dinner Date – inspired by a psychological study that controversially discovered that intimacy (and frequently more) can be achieved between two strangers by getting them to ask each other a series of specific personal questions.

And there are many more besides, as well as food & drink, and the Lates, which promise to set a series of inspiring talks & installations in venues from “a maze of underground tunnels to a rooftop urban jungle”.

We predict you’ll enjoy it.


NOTE: FutureFest 2020 has been postponed until London gets back on its feet (sadly they didn’t predict that). You can find out moreĀ HERE.

FutureFest 2020 | Tobacco Dock, 50 Porters Walk, E1W 2SF

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FutureFest 2020

50 Porter's Walk, Wapping, E1W 2SF