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Hattie Lloyd 08/07/17

Spirited Suppers at Oriole


Raising a cocktail-filled glass.

It’s guaranteed to lift your spirits.

And there’s few better places to do so over the next few months than the decadent subterranean bar Oriole, sibling to Nightjar and Bar Swift. An exotic, 1950s-styled drinking den crammed with cabinets of ancient curios from far-flung places, it’s a bit like a live jazz-filled, cocktail-fuelled take on the British Museum.

And, as it turns out, it could, arguably, be just as educational. That is, if you head along to their Monday evening Spirited Suppers – a new masterclass-cum-dinner party series, where you’ll tuck into small plates fresh out the Oriole kitchens designed to pair perfectly with top-shelf spirits, and a lavishment of booze knowledge.

Each session will be headed up by a different distiller, whose brand ambassador will talk you through the history and traditions of the brand, how their spirits are crafted, and what you might be able to taste. And since you’re, coincidentally, at a consistent World Top 50 bar, the Oriole barkeeps will also be rustling up two exclusive cocktails for you to act as an apéritif and digestif for your meal.

First up is a visit from Grey Goose vodka, where you can expect to tuck into rock oysters with a vodka and cucumber granita (a bit like a sorbet), tamarind glazed pork belly, and a melon semifreddo, alongside guided tastings of the vodka in all its incarnations. Not only that, but when the clock strikes nine, The Man Overboard Trio will take to the stage to regale you with their live swing and jazz for a late-night hootenanny…

And that’ll definitely lift your spirits.


NOTE: Spirited Suppers start with a Grey Goose-led session on 10th July and continue with Appleton Rum on 14th August, Hennessy on 24th October, and Speciality Drinks on 28th November. Tickets cost £25 and can be booked online HERE.

Spirited Suppers | Oriole, Smithfield Markets, East Poultry Avenue, EC1A 9LH

Spirited Suppers at Oriole

Smithfield Markets, East Poultry Avenue, Smithfields Market, East London, EC1A 9LH

020 3457 8099