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Jason Allen 09/03/24

Studio Voltaire

Studio Voltaire was part of the renaissance of South Clapham.

Back when it was first opened by a collective of artists in 1994, South Clapham was the kind of place a collective of artists could actually afford to live. Obviously times have a changed a little. And perhaps it’s ironic that places like the studio itself is partly why.

studio voltaire

Either way, you can now enjoy a free gallery space with some extremely interesting exhibitions, all year round. You’ll find it all in an old Methodist chapel down a small residential side street just off Clapham Common. Step inside however, and you’ll find a cathedral of colour. The spacious main gallery, with polished concrete floors and exposed brick walls, is awash with natural light from the large church windows. The art ranges from bold, large-scale paintings that command attention to delicate, intricate sculptures that invite closer inspection.

To the side of the gallery you’ll find a striking little garden that leads to the gallery’s restaurant. Crispin at Studio Voltaire comes from the same team behind Crispin and Bistro Freddie, and it’s a shot in the arm of Clapham’s dining scene. By day, they sling lighter bites for a post-gallery pick-me-up, but it’s worth coming back here in the evening for the stylish, seasonally-framed small plates and natural wines on tap.

crispin at studio voltaire

The real heart of Studio Voltaire, however, lies in its commitment to the artistic community. The studio not only exhibits works from renowned names in the art world but also dedicates space to emerging local artists. This blend of established and rising talent creates a dynamic and ever-changing exhibition that captures the spirit of Clapham’s own diverse and evolving culture.

Voltaire would approve.


NOTE: Studio Voltaire is open now, Wednesday–Sunday, 10 am–5 pm, with free entry. You can find out more at their website right here.

Studio Voltaire | 1A Nelsons Row, London SW4 7JR

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Studio Voltaire

1A Nelsons Row, Clapham, South London, SW4 7JR